Upcoming Features in Globodox

As per our upgrade policy, customers can upgrade free of cost to any new versions of Globodox released within a period of one year from their date of purchase. Please note that future versions of Globodox will be fully compatible with all DBs created with the current version of Globodox.

Below is a list of features to be made available in upcoming Globodox releases. We will also be releasing additional Modules for Globodox. Some of these Modules may have to be licensed or purchased separately (in addition to purchase of regular Globodox licenses). These are appropriately marked.

  • Records Management
    Manage the automatic archival or deletion of documents based on pre-defined criteria. The criteria can be based on the period of time to wait after a document has been modified or after a certain indexing value has been set.
  • MS Office Integration
    Select and open a document from any Globodox DB from within MS Word or MS Excel. Checkout and check-in documents to Globodox from within MS Word or MS Excel. Open and compare Globodox document versions from within MS Word.
  • Add documents via Mobile Devices
    Add new documents to Globodox via iOS/Android Globodox App. You can even capture an image via your phone’s camera and add it directly to Globodox.