What's New In Globodox

Version - 20 Apr 2017

  • Utility to start and stop Logging
    When a user reports a problem with GLOBODOX, it is sometimes very helpful to receive the GLOBODOX log files from their machine In order for our team to debug the problem.

    The current process of enabling and disabling logging was very flexible but cumbersome for users. The Log Utility simplifies this to a single click.

    When you stop logging the utility conveniently create a zip file with all the existing logs which you can email to our support.

    It also lets you delete all log files in the logs folder.

    To launch the GLOBODOX Log utility, click on Windows Start Menu > All Apps > Globodox Desktop > GLOBODOX Log utility.

  • Customization of Navigation Pane.
    You can now hide Document Types from the Navigation Pane for specific groups of users.

    This is an experimental feature and only works when every role that a user belongs to has the VIEW permission for the DOCUMENT entity set to GROUP OWNED or GROUP OWNED (RESTRICTED).

    This is currently not meant as a security feature. It is only designed to simplify the Navigation Pane for large organizations sharing a single DB between users from different departments.

Version - 17 Mar 2017

  • Several performance enhancements
    This version contains bug fixes and several performance enhancements

Version - 17 Feb 2017

  • Auto-login for Globodox Web Client
    You can now configure auto-login for the GLOBODOX Web Client. This is useful when integrating GLOBODOX Web Client with other applications.

    In some such integrations, customers embed GLOBODOX Web Client URLs in their application. Users of such an application click on the embedded links to launch the web client for viewing or adding documents. By configuring auto-login, you can ensure that these users have a more seamless experience and are not prompted to login to the web client.

    More details are available here…

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