What's New In Globodox

Version - 29 Apr 2016

  • New utility to automatically install and configure SQL Server Express 2014

    Previous versions of GLOBODOX required first time users to handle the installation and configuration of SQL Express 2012.

    We have highly simplified this process by creating a utility to automatically install SQL Server Express 2014 and configure Globodox to work with SQL Express.

    To know more about the utility, click here.

  • Improved Client server configuration
    In a multi-user environment, previously in case of a new install or an upgrade users were asked to either specify the location of the ‘multi-user.gdx’ file or manually copy the ‘multi-user.gdx’ file from the Server machine to the Client machine. This process is now completely automatic.

    GLOBODOX will now automatically pick up the multi-user.gdx from the Server installation and replace it in the Client installations.

  • Determining whether GLOBODOX is installed in Client/Server
    Previously it was difficult to find out if GLOBODOX on a particular machine was installed in Server or Client mode. The ‘About’ dialog now displays whether GLOBODOX on a particular machine is installed in Server or Client mode

Version - 30 Mar 2016

  • Changing the Startup Type for ITAZ Globodox Services on Windows 10…
    We have changed the ‘Startup Type‘ for Globodox Services from Automatic to Automatic (Delayed Start) .

    Windows 10 users reported problems related to the GLOBODOX Services being in stopped state after a restart even though the Startup Type was set to Automatic (which means to immediately start the services as soon as Windows starts up) . This prevented Globodox Desktop client from starting.

    Windows 10 while trying to load faster seems to be causing some services not to start (or somehow shutdown right after starting). This seems to have affected GLOBODOX Services as well as the SQL Server service.

    Setting the GLOBODOX Services to Automatic (Delayed Start) will start GLOBODOX services after giving priority to other services. This solves the problem.

Version - 15 Mar 2016

  • Hiding All Documents & Settings nodes
    Some customers felt that the All Documents node needlessly confused some of their users and that the Settings node is only required for admin users. This has been a long standing request and we are happy to have finally implemented it.

    You can now hide the All Documents as well as the Settings node in the Navigation Pane for non-admin users.

    You can access these options from the System Options section of the Options dialog.

  • Print Screen key can be disabled while Globodox is running
    This again has been done on customer request. Some customers would not like their users to be able to take a screenshot of GLOBODOX (which may be displaying a sensitive document) by pressing the Print Screen key on their keyboard.

    This is only useful as security feature for organizations which undertake a lot of other precautions, to prevent users who are authorized to a view a document in GLOBODOX from sharing an image of that document.

    You can access this option from the System Options section of the Options dialog.

  • Criteria changed for Built in Saved Searches
    The built in saved searches Documents added by me recently and Documents checked in by me recently were incorrectly listing documents only from the previous month. Now these searches list the most recently added or checked-in documents regardless of the date.
  • Backup utility
    We have built a new simple and quick backup utility to backup just the GLOBODOX databases without the documents.

    One usage scenario for this is…

    Many customers now have several terabytes of documents being managed with GLOBODOX. An update rarely changes the file store (where documents are stored). So we ask customers to backup just their DBs before installing an update. This utility makes this task much quicker.

    Of course you can also use this utility for regular backup of your GLOBODOX DB. Just remember to separate backup the File Store for each DB.

    Please contact us at [email protected] to receive the utility. In future releases, we will ship this utility with Globodox.

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