What's New In Globodox

Version - 16 Oct 2014

  • This Version features improved performance, better memory management and bug fixes.

Version - 14 May 2014

  • Minor Bug Fixes

Version - 05 Feb 2014

  • Globodox Drive
    Globodox Drive appears like any other drive in Windows Explorer and the File Open box. So whenever you want to access a file from any Windows application, the virtual drive like any other drive, will be available giving you access to all the documents that you are authorized to view. What’s more, you can also attach documents from the repository when you reply to email messages. Globodox allows you to access folders, tags as well as various document types. And, if you make any changes, you can also check-in the revised document back in the repository. You can also view, search and edit documents using this drive.
  • Capture Folders
    Capture folders are special folders which let you quickly add documents to Globodox without starting the Globodox Desktop Client. You can create and configure multiple folders to capture documents and add them to Globodox directly. Each folder can be associated with a DB and a Destination Profile. The Capture Folders can then be used when adding documents via other modules like Globodox Drive, Send To and Virtual Printer.

    For users upgrading from an older version of Globodox, Folder Monitor has now been renamed to Local Capture Folder.

  • Mobile Apps
    Globodox Mobile App is now available for Android and iOS based mobile devices. With a beautiful, simple and responsive user interface, the app makes navigation quick and easy. Folders, Tags, Document Types and Stack Types are all available at your finger tips! The app allows users to access, view, delete and download files. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
  • Virtual Printer
    Globodox now lets you print any file format using the Globodox Virtual Printer and save it as a PDF file in Globodox. Once you print a document to the Globodox Printer, the capture folder will be displayed. Select the folder you want to add it to. The document will now be added to Globodox in PDF format. You can also print Web Pages and directly add them in PDF format in Globodox.
  • Send To
    Using the Send To Globodox option in the contextual menu, you can quickly add files to Globodox without using Globodox. All you need to do is just right click on the file you want to add to Globodox and select the Send To Globodox option. A list of capture Folders will be displayed. Select the folder you want to add it to. The document will now be added to Globodox.
  • Globodox Server
    Globodox Server is a service which runs in the backgound when Globodox is installed. By default it runs under port 5511. The Server needs to be running for Globodox Desktop Client and all other modules including the Globodox Mobile App to work.
  • Change in Login dialog
    Users upgrading from an older version of Globodox will now experience a change in the Login dialog. Now the Login dialog is designed in such a way that The Globodox Desktop Client and all modules like Virtual Printer, Send To and Globodox drive will use the same login credentials. Only one license will be consumed by all the modules on a single machine. You will not be able to login with multiple users to different modules on a single machine.
  • Import from Folders in Scan window
    Globodox now lets you add pre-scanned files to the Globodox Scan window. Once these files are added Globodox will treat them as normal scanned files and will let you perform additional powerful scanning features already available in the Scan window.
  • Publish as Minor and Major version
    By default whenever a draft document was published in Globodox, it used to get publish as a major version. For e.g. if you were working on a draft document v1.2 and publish the document, the version would change to 2.0. Globodox now lets you Publish the document as a Minor version too. For e.g. if you were working on a draft document v1.2 and publish the document, the published version would be v1.3
  • Workflow Designer – Delete
    You can now delete a workflow directly from the Open dialog in the Workflow designer.

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