Version 7.0

Version 7.0

Active Directory Integration

This helps you quickly import Windows users as GLOBODOX users. So you do not need to separate create user names and passwords in GLOBODOX. What’s more, when these users login into Windows and start GLOBODOX, GLOBODOX will no more prompt them for their username and password; GLOBODOX will simply use their Windows credentials to log them in. Active Directory Integration makes managing multiple users much simpler. Learn more

Draft Documents

Draft documents in GLOBODOX are temporary, intermediate documents which may be created while a team of users are working on the next major version of a document. Draft documents can have different access permissions as compared to published documents. Thus draft documents enable a team of users to securely collaborate on the next version of a document and also enable the modified document to be reviewed by another team of users (e.g. via a workflow) before it is made available to a larger set of users (e.g. an entire department or company). Learn more

Published Documents

Because of the introduction of the Draft Documents feature, the help file as well as the GLOBODOX User Interface refers to regular documents (or non-draft documents) as Published Documents.

Disable Drafts Documents Feature

If you do not wish to use the Draft Documents feature, you can hide Draft Document related tabs, buttons and menu options by unchecking the Draft Documents option in the System Options section of the Options dialog. This could be helpful if you think your users might get confused by the draft documents related user interface.

Built-in Word and Excel Viewer

The new built-in Word and Excel Viewer allows you to view .doc, .docx, .xls and .xlsx files even if you do not have MS Office installed on your computer. What’s more, you can even annotate and stamp MS Word and MS Excel files the same way as you could with files such as TIFF and PDF files (annotations cannot be burned on MS Word or MS Excel files).

So how does this help:
Let us say you use Open Office Writer from Sun Microsystems, and your colleague uses MS Word. You have just received a Word document in GLOBODOX that has been created by them. If you didn’t have version 7 of GLOBODOX, you would click the button at the top right of the preview pane (“Open this document for viewing in its associated application”). This would open the document in MS Word if you had it installed on your machine. But if you did not have MS Word installed or the MS Word Viewer installed, it would be difficult to view the document. But now that you have version 7, even if you do not have MS Word installed on your machine, you can still view the document with the built-in MS Word viewer.

Choose between built-in and third-party viewer for MS Word, MS Excel and PDF Files

Using the options dialog, you can now specifically configure what viewer you wish to use for MS Word, MS Excel AND PDF File.

Lock Viewer settings for all users

Using the options dialog, you can now lock the file type viewer settings so that only the superadmin can change them.

Background Text Extraction

In the earlier versions of GLOBODOX, whenever a document was added to GLOBODOX, the OCR/Text Extraction for the document was performed at the time of adding the document. But now this process will be performed in the background. This means adding multiple files (even hundreds of them at a time) to GLOBODOX will be much faster than before, as you will not need to wait to add the next file until the OCR/Text Extraction has been completed for the current file.

The text extraction only happens on the machine on which GLOBODOX is installed in server mode (a single user installation of GLOBODOX is always installed in server mode).Since text extraction now happens in the background, the process continues even when you close GLOBODOX.

The background text extraction service can be viewed by exploring Control Panel>Administrative Tools >Services>ITAZ GLOBODOX Indexing Services under the Name column. A user can stop or restart this service by right clicking and selecting the Stop or Restart options.

Built-In Text Extractors

GLOBODOX now features built-in text extractors for popular file formats such as MS Word (.doc, .docx), MS Excel (.xls, .xlsx) and PDF files. This means you no more need to have iFilters installed on your machines for these file formats, as GLOBODOX can handle them on it’s own.

New entity Draft Documents added to Role Privileges

You can control access to draft documents by assigning different privileges to different Roles over the new Draft Entity.

Hierarchical Security Groups

Hierarchical Security Groups allow the creation of a group tree. This allows organizations to closely mimic their organization structure. Using this feature you can give users access to not only documents owned by users of their groups but also documents owned by users of all their group’s sub-groups.

Initiate Workflow Privilege added to Role and Share Privilege list

This feature allows you to control which roles can be given document routing privileges.

New Workflow Designer and Workflow Monitor related privileges

New workflow designer related privileges allow you to control what users are allowed to view, add, modify and delete workflow designs in the workflow designer. Similarly new Workflow Monitor related privileges allow you to control who can view, pause, restart or cancel running workflows. Below is a list of the privileges (added to the Other Privileges section)…

    • Manage Owned Workflows
    • Manage All Workflows
    • Create Workflows
    • Modify Owned Workflows
    • Modify All Workflows
    • Delete Owned Workflows
    • Delete All Workflows
    • Monitor All Workflows

New privilege added to control who can select/unselect which events to audit in the Event Log

A new privilege has been added (to the Other Privileges section) to control who can select/unselect which events to audit in the Event Log.

New Workflow Activities added
GLOBODOX workflow is even more powerful now with the addition of the following activities…

    • Auto Publish
    • Signature
    • Auto Stamp
    • Apply Security Label
    • Share

Identifying Unread Messages

Inbox (Messages) and Inbox (Tasks) now show unread entries in bold.

Remember Layout

Now GLOBODOX will remember the width of the various panes that you set within the main window and within the document windows too. It will also remember the document window size you had set last time. So the next time you open the application or the resized document, it will open GLOBODOX with the pane and window sizes you had the last time when you closed the document or the main GLOBODOX window..

Faster Performance

The GLOBODOX installation is now optimized for each machine after installation. The optimization process is started right after installation finishes and continues in the background. You can continue using GLOBODOX while the optimization is in progress.


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