Access documents from mobile devices

The GLOBODOX Web Client now supports mobiles devices such as smart phones and tablets (iPads, Android Tablets etc.). If your GLOBODOX web client installation is accessible over the Internet you can now access your documents from the road using almost any mobile device.

To access the mobile version of the web client simply add /m to the URL you normally use to access the GLOBODOX web client (e.g. will become

The mobile version of the web client is currently in beta.

It only supports finding and viewing documents. Over the coming months we have big plans of adding a lot of features to it.

The GLOBODOX Web Client including the mobile web client is included with GLOBODOX Suite. As always it is available as an optionally purchased module for GLOBODOX Standard customers.

Support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012

GLOBODOX now supports both 32 bit and 64 bit version of Windows 8. It also supports Windows Server 2012.

Support for SQL Server 2012

GLOBODOX now supports SQL Server 2012.

Renaming tags

From this version, GLOBODOX lets you rename tags too just like you can rename folders. Simply right-click the tag in the Tags node and then click Rename. Type the new name and press Enter to save it.

Virtual Duplex Scanning mode

GLOBODOX has always supported duplex scanning i.e. scanning both sides of a page and storing them in the correct order in a PDF or TIFF file. However this required your scanning to have built-in support for duplex scanning. With the new Virtual Duplex scanning mode, GLOBODOX can now handle duplex scanning even with scanners which do not have built-in support for duplex scanning.

This is how it works… Put a stack of documents in to your scanner’s ADF (Automatic Document Feeder). GLOBODOX will scan the front side of each document. Now simply flip the stack of documents and place them in your scanner’s ADF. GLOBODOX will now scan the reverse side of all the documents in the stack. After this GLOBODOX will automatically re-arrange the scanned pages so that the reverse side of each scanned page comes immediately after the front side of that page in the PDF or TIFF file. The virtual duplex mode also works if your scanner does not have an ADF (i.e. you scan using the flatbed of your scanner). However in this case, you have to individually flip each document after their front side is scanned.

    Scanning and Scan window simplified…

    • New scan profiles added (these are only visible in new GLOBODOX installations).
    • You can now automatically despeckle scanned images.
    • Virtual Duplex Scanning supported (this option is only displayed when the selected scanner does not have built-in support for duplex scanning)
    • DPI settings are now adjusted dependent on the scanner.
    • Quality of Black and White scanned images has been improved.
    • Separator pages (Blank page or Barcode) are now displayed in the Scan Preview window so you can see if a non-separator page has been wrongly detected as a separator page.
    • The Scan Preview window now allows you to select a Page view (each scanned page displayed as a single thumbnail) or Document view (each scanned multi-page document displayed as single thumbnail) of the scanned documents
    • When documents are duplex scanned, the Scan Preview window makes it easy to differentiate between the front and reverse of the document
    Batch-updating of multiple documents and stacks with common information
    GLOBODOX now lets you update common information for multiple documents or multiple stacks together. To update multiple document, select the documents and update the following common information for them:

    • Set a document title (All the selected documents will then have the same title)
    • Assign a document type (The same document type will be set for all the selected documents)
    • Enter indexing information for that document type (All the selected documents will have the same indexing information)
    • Assign the same tags (All selected documents will have the same tags)
    • Choose a folder (All the selected documents will be assigned to the chosen folder)
    • Link to a Stack (All the selected documents will be linked to the chosen stack)

Similarly you can also update common indexing information for multiple stacks.

This feature will save your time and effort as you won’t need to update information individually for each document or stack. You will be able to do it in a single batch.

Note: Batch update can only be performed by users having the ‘Bulk Update’ privilege.

Auto Save indexing information stack’s indexing information. But from this version, GLOBODOX gives you the option to automatically save the changes you made to the indexing information of the document. To activate the option, go to Options -> User Options -> Auto Save and check the Automatically save changes to indexing information box.

Preview of MS Outlook email messages now supported GLOBODOX now supports previewing of .msg files imported from MS Outlook.
Restrict specific user actions In previous versions of GLOBODOX, you could restrict a Role from performing one or more actions on all documents. For example, you could decide that a user with the Role set as Assistant cannot delete any document. However, it was not possible to restrict specific actions (e.g. Modify, Delete etc.) on a per document basis. You had to restrict the user from accessing the document itself. Now it will be possible to restrict the user from performing certain actions on specific documents too; e.g. you can let the user view and modify the document, but not delete it.

Copy/Paste text from a document into an indexing field While entering indexing information for a document, sometime the values you need to enter are already present in the document. So it can save a lot of time and typing mistakes if you can just copy them from the document preview pane and paste them into the field. This new feature allows you to do just that. Simply select the area of the scanned page which has the text you need and copy it. GLOBODOX will OCR that selection, convert the selection into text and copy it to the clipboard. All you have to do is paste the information into the right indexing field.

Note: Copy/Paste text from a document can only be performed by users having the ‘Distribute’ privilege.

Documents hyperlinked to their Folder
For every document in GLOBODOX, until now you could see the folder to which it is stored. It could be seen under Information panel -> Information tab -> Other Information -> Related Folder. But you could not quickly jump to that folder. Now GLOBODOX automatically creates a hyperlink to the folder so that when you click the link, it jumps to that folder, where you can see the other related documents in that folder. This feature also lets you quickly switch from the document to its folder in just one click, thereby saving your time.

Manage privileges for Roles in bulk
To assign or unassign privileges to a Role, you need to go to Settings ? Roles and double-click a Role to open the Role window. Before this version, if you wanted to assign or unassign all privileges to a particular role, you had to check and uncheck the box for each privilege in the Role window separately. This was quite consuming. Now you can simply click the column header and all the privileges will be checked or unchecked together.

Replace Document by Scanning
Now you can replace an existing document in GLOBODOX with a document you are about to scan. All you need to do is click the More button in Workspace and from the drop-down, click Replace by Scanning. This will bring up the scan window. Scan the appropriate document just as you normally would. The scanned document will automatically replace the existing document. The file name will change to the new document’s file name, but the document title will remain unchanged.

Indexing field setting remembered
The Information tab in the Preview pane displays the indexing information of the document. You can choose to view the indexing fields in a single column or double column view. In previous versions, if you switched to a different view and then previewed another document, GLOBODOX would revert to the original column setting. But now GLOBODOX retains the setting until you change the setting again.

Zoom level of documents remembered
In previous versions, if you changed the zoom level of a document in the Preview pane, GLOBODOX would return to the default level when you switched to another document. But from this version, GLOBODOX remembers the zoom level you last selected and retains it across all documents until you change it. In fact, it remembers the same zoom level even if you logout and log back in.

Block Indexing
By default, GLOBODOX automatically begins to index a newly added/modified document in the background. Sometimes the documents can be very large (taking up too much processing time to index) or just unindexable (for e.g. photos which have no text which can be recognized or extracted). Also sometimes GLOBODOX can have trouble indexing a particular document. With this version, GLOBODOX lets you block the indexing process for such documents.

No prompt when assigning/editing/deleting a tag from a document
In previous versions of GLOBODOX, if you added a tag to a document and hit the Enter key, it would display a confirmation message. This message was not required. So we have done away with it.

Two new Command Line Options added
Two new Command Line Options have been added in this version of GLOBODOX. They are: Reset Cache DB and Reset User Profile.

Command Line Options now available in Active Directory Integration mode Command line options are now available when you log-in to GLOBODOX in the Active Directory Integration mode.


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