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Healthcare Document Management, Simplified !!!

With Globodox healthcare document management software, you can store every patient’s entire medical history and records at a single place. Globodox also provides industry standard encryption and security which makes sure that patient’s health information is never compromised.So let us take care of the documents, while you take care of your patient.

Electronic Health Record Management

How can Globodox help Hospitals and Healthcare Providers?

Organize Patient Documents the way you want…

The Globodox User Interface is designed to be very friendly, and easy to use. This means there are no surprises, or an extensive learning curve before you start using it. The search-centric design and customization options make it a great tool to get your document management in order instantly.It lets you sort the information in many ways

  • Organize patient document into folders
  • Use tags to further classify documents
  • Store any amount of demographic information for each patient
  • Versioning
  • Check-in / Check-out feature

Find any document for any patient in seconds

Find documents easily with built in powerful search feature. Access entire patient’s medical history instantly.

  • Search thousands of cases and millions of documents in seconds
  • Quick search lets you find patient by demographic information or document contents
  • Run multi-condition searches for analyses (e.g. All male patients below the age of 40)
  • Save complex searches for later reuse
  • Search for and jump to folder at blazing speeds

Share documents within departments

Globodox lets you create content and add files on the fly, and in multiple ways. This saves a lot of time. Globodox also has great collaboration features which let you instantly share important document with greater control.

  • Setup workflows to mimic flow of documents within your organization
  • Approve and track payment status of invoices
  • Easily manage HR related documents
  • View older versions of documents at any time
  • Securely destroy documents that you do not need to store any more

Control access and use industry standard encryption

Globodox was designed keeping in mind the highest level of security from various perspectives. It’s equipped with latest technology in encryption and access permissions. This provides you with an additional control over privileges and confidentiality and protects Patients Health Information.

  • Get the full set of tools you will need to get HIPAA compliant
  • Ensure that staff can access only those documents for which they are authorized
  • Control access on a per use or per document level
  • View a detailed log of who modified or deleted a document and when
  • Store documents in encrypted form for additional security

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