Banking Document Management Software

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Banks have always been associated with immense paperwork that includes forms, slips, statements, invoices, ledgers and personal identity documents. The various departments of a bank such as deposits, compliance, loans, human resources, finance, mortgage, legal and tellers have to deal with all these documents every day, making it difficult to manage them. For a customer service oriented business, time is an important entity and losing it to unproductive tasks such as document organization could affect your institution negatively.

Improves record management


The banking industry has to comply with ever changing industry regulations for storage of the high volume sensitive data generated. Compliance with Government Acts and mandates such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act would be difficult if you don’t have a modern document management system in place. Compliance with data privacy norms is mandatory when dealing with KYC documents. Globodox can help by digitizing the entire bank records for easier maintenance and procurement.

  • With Globodox, you can store all your documents in the folder and sub-folder system similar to that of Windows Explorer. To further simplify your storage efforts, you can group documents with tags relevant to the banking department or process such as mortgage.
  • For detailed indexing of a particular document you can use the Document Type feature. It allows you to store specific indexing information with each document for e.g. Application Number, Application Date, Customer Name and Date.
  • In traditional paper document management system, it is not uncommon for a document to go missing. Searching for a single document through the scores of manual records will take up a huge chunk of your precious office hours without any surety of finding the document. Globodox solves this problem by allowing you to link multiple documents together for better storage and retrieval of documents.
  • Globodox provides a slew of features to facilitate auditing. You can draw, highlight, stamp and write comments directly on an image, retain multiple versions of the same document with notes and also create minor versions for revised documents.
  • The Event Logging feature of Globodox allows you to record user actions for compliance and regulatory purposes.

Automates process workflow


There are various redundant banking processes that not only take up your paper but also your productive time. Globodox can help you automate these processes to imitate your original process workflow so that you don’t have to worry about paper documents anymore.

  • Globodox comes with complete workflow integration. You can now route documents in single click.
  • With the Workflow Designer tool provided by Globodox, you can create custom workflows such as filing of a loan application. Once the documents are up on Globodox, you can automate the process of guiding them through the complete process of closing and funding.
  • You can also configure Globodox to deliver tasks, notifications and messages directly to a recipient’s inbox for urgent attention. Keeping track of documents was never so easy.
  • Globodox also allows you to electronically approve documents as a part of the workflow with its advanced auto stamp, auto-publish and signature feature.

Provides high-level data security


As a banking institution, data security should be your top most priority and Globodox can help you achieve it with its powerful security features. Security regulations for banking institutions are stringent and Globodox is just the right tool to meet all document related to security standards. All your KYC documents need to be protected as a part of ISO document control for banking institutions.

  • With Globodox you can map security roles to existing job profiles / designations in your organization for document access control. You could assign multiple users to a single role, reusing the security settings for various users holding the same designation.
  • You can create hierarchical security groups to maintain data privacy by allowing only the group members to view, access or modify documents owned and by their group or sub-groups. This feature is useful for top management to share and discuss confidential data.
  • Monitoring sensitive documents is made easy by Globodox’s security features. Globodox offers you document level security which prevents users from printing, saving to local machine or emailing a document by simply denying the Distribute permission.
  • Banks generate a large amount of sensitive financial data which needs to be stored for a long period according to regulatory standards for audits. To avoid compromising data integrity, you can store data by encrypting it with industry standard strong encryption algorithms such as AES, Blowfish and Triple-DES.

Improves efficiency, Reduces cost


Staff in major banking institutions spends a major part of their working hours on filing, organizing, storing and retrieving documents related to various processes. And if a document has been misplaced, the amount of time spent on retrieval increases exponentially. By implementing Globodox at your institution, you can improve productivity while also reducing costs.

  • The central repository structure allows you to access, share and print documents with a single click.
  • The costs incurred in printing and storage of paper documents is reduced with implementation of Globodox.
  • Globodox comes with a powerful scanning and advanced search options which save time spent on adding documents and retrieving them from the repository.
  • Globodox is an easy to use software with almost no learning curve. Its user interface is similar to that of Microsoft Outlook and it works on the “Drag and Drop” principle which makes adding documents easy.