Construction Document Management Software

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The documentation involved in any construction project is huge due to the complexity of the process and various sub-modules related to finance, structural engineering, architects, surveyors, legal, suppliers and more. If documents generated in a single project are so overwhelming then how would you manage all the documents generated in all of your projects? There is only one answer to that question, Globodox. Globodox will help you organize documents related to your various projects and tie them down in a single repository. Globodox, with its wide range of features, offers a holistic approach towards managing documents generated at your company. Don’t believe us? Let us tell you how it will benefit your business.

Streamlines your Documents


Blueprints, receipts for supplies, bids, permits, house plans, project plan template, house floor plans, licenses, inventory documents and the list would go on endlessly if we are to list every type of document that is generated in the construction industry. Globodox will help you store these documents and retrieve them in a fraction of the time you would take without it.

  • Be it financial data in Excel files or house plans in the CAD format; Globodox manages any kind of document.
  • In an industry which has stringent health, safety and other legal constraints, losing a document could be devastating for the project. With Globodox you can link a document to multiple documents so that you never lose any file on a project.
  • Vital files such as legal documents or house building plans are sent in the PDF format and so searching documents with a particular text may not be possible in a regular search. Globodox comes with a built in text extractor which can be used to extract text from any file. The extracted text is stored in the database, so that it appears when you search for it next time.
  • Advanced search options let you track documents with queries that will fetch you accurate results for e.g. ‘invoices under $1,000’. You can also store these queries and save time spent on searching.

Improves efficiency, Reduces costs

As an organization, you should always be on a quest to improve your work place efficiency and reduce costs while still delivering quality services. Here is how Globodox can help you achieve it:

  • The amount of documents generated in the entire organization is huge and so it would be time consuming to file and organize these documents the traditional way. With Globodox, you can add documents and folders in bulk with built-in tools.
  • Globodox is available in multiuser set-up so that several employees working on a project can access documents at the same time.
  • Power scanning options provided by Globodox save time spent by employees on a tedious task which will eventually benefit your organization.
  • Want to access a construction contract while you are on-site? Globodox keeps you connected with your documents while on the go. Globodox mobile app for iOS and Android platforms can be used to access, view, manage and delete documents with a single tap.

Design your workflow


Document management can improve efficiency at your workplace only if it fits in well with your business processes. We have created Globodox with complete workflow integration, which allows you to auto route documents, send notifications on updates and create customized workflows.

  • The Workflow designer feature by Globodox lets you replicate your day-to-day business processes. You can replicate the process according to your project plan template. Customization just got better.
  • Workflow integration in Globodox can be used to generate notifications for tasks according to your workflow. You could receive auto-updates and notifications as soon as documents related to a task or process are updated.
  • With Globodox you can add a stamp, a signature and even publish a document automatically, as a part of the workflow designed. This feature is very helpful for all the teams that would be working on a single project to organize documents.

Secures your data


When developing a project, every construction company needs to securely store a few sensitive documents such as financial data, government permissions, house building plans and architectural design. But, security is something you wouldn’t worry about once you implement Globodox.

  • Globodox has Windows Active Directory Integration, which can directly import log-in details setup on the network so that you don’t have to redefine them for your users.
  • Globodox has event logging feature to help you maintain ISO standards when employees update and maintain company records.
  • Control access at any level with Globodox to grant permissions to users with whom a particular document is shared with.