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Paper has been a major part of schools and colleges, be it exam sheets, answer papers, notes or just student records. The 1974 Family Education Rights and Privacy Act has stated that schools need to file student information, keep it secure and procure them for viewing if demanded by parents or children who have reached 18 years of age. The data generated for a single student over a long period needs to be stored for another few years till they can legally demand to see it. If a school has a huge student population, managing, searching and retrieving student information can be a traumatic ordeal for staff members. GLOBODOX, when used as a Document Management Software for Educational institutions can easily end all your woes with its easy organizing, indexing, retrieval and sharing features. Here are a few examples of how GLOBODOX Education Document Management Software can truly make a difference to your educational facility.


Improves Data Filing

Filing student information, as mentioned above is mandatory by law and any goof ups could lead to serious consequences. Educational resources like physical filing of student data are time consuming and ineffective. But, you can easily simplify data filing at your institution by implementing GLOBODOX. It benefits you in more than one way such as,


Create stacks for better indexing of student data


Segregate every student document with simple tagging feature


Create multiple document versions for documents that require frequent updates


Powerful annotation feature and redaction features to make notes on student data

Student data maintenance is more simplified with GLOBODOX’s tagging feature which allows users to attach simple text tags to every document for quick retrieval and classification.

GLOBODOX takes indexing to a new level with the Stack option. You can now stack all the important documents, results and administrative data related to a particular student in one stack with its own indexing information. You can search for documents by searching for its stack indexing info.

With the annotation feature of GLOBODOX, you can draw, highlight, stamp, write comments, etc. directly over an image. The redaction tool helps you hide portions of a document from specific users.

The versioning feature allows you to create multiple versions of a document so that you can easily access the older version and also add notes to changes. This feature is excellent for those documents that need to be updated constantly.

GLOBODOX comes with a great feature to manage and store all your email messages. The email capture feature automatically saves email messages from one or more email accounts and also files the attachments for future reference. Can tracking your mail and attachment get any easier than this?

Superior Student Data Security

Student data security is an important concern as the documents stored at school might also contain some very personal information along with mark sheets such as medical reports, psychological analysis and psychiatric reports. No other educational resource can protect and manage your data in a secure way. GLOBODOX will relieve you of all security worries with its following features:


Hierarchical security groups make it easier to implement document access control settings for multiple users


Document-level security ensures the protection of student documents from unauthorised access and sharing


Enhance student data security with GLOBODOX’s encryption algorithms


Set up document access control depending on the user’s role in the institution

Important student documents can be protected on an individual level by disallowing access or controlling the ability to modify, delete or share.

Security groups can be created within GLOBODOX with different access permissions for each group. This ensures you don’t have to individually grant or revoke access permissions.

GLOBODOX can encrypt your documents using industry-standard strong encryption algorithms such as AES, Blowfish, and Triple-DES making your document system impermeable.

You can configure GLOBODOX so you can set up security depending on the role of the viewer in the organization. For example, the principal would have maximum privileges over documents with access to almost every document.

Automated Workflow and document movement

There are a number of processes that you would need to repeat at the institution for every student, eating into your staff’s time.


Improve management employees’ efficiency by digitally approving documents with signs and stamps


Route documents through the entire management hierarchy automatically with complete workflow integration


Monitor workflow feature keeps track of workflows which can be paused, resumed and canceled


Generate auto-notifications on updated projects based on workflow

GLOBODOX comes with full workflow integration which enables you to route documents in a single click. Now, you don’t have to spend time moving documents table to table.

When workflows auto-route documents, you don’t want your documents and the process to be stalled because of a signature. You can use the add stamp or signature feature to digitally approve documents.

Workflow Monitor feature helps you to view currently running workflows. You can pause, resume or cancel a workflow.

It is easy to generate auto-notifications for a document that needs attention from GLOBODOX users. These notifications are sent as emails to their specified mailbox so that the right people are always updated on all of your institution’s affairs.

Improves efficiency, Reduces costs

GLOBODOX is a central repository for all the documents generated at your institution. The quick scanning and searching options provided by GLOBODOX improve efficiency in users, helping them use their office hours more productively.


Advanced scanning options ensure optimum usage of every educationists time


Easy to learn ‘drag and drop’ based UI reduces the staff training period


Follow government mandate of storing student data without escalating costs

GLOBODOX works on the ‘Drag and Drop’ principle which allows users to drag and store almost any file on their computers. Be it email messages, images, webpages or text documents, all it takes to save them is a drag and drop. It saves time spent by your staff in figuring out the software, which can be an added burden.

With the virtual printer feature, you can easily store important digital documents to GLOBODOX by simply printing them to the GLOBODOX printer. Be it online student receipts or documents sent from the federal government, file anything with just a click.

It reduces the costs of physically storing documents in the warehouse with all the paper records. The cost of handling paper documents gets chopped off your budget when you implement GLOBODOX.

Any educationist would want the process of digitizing documents to be as easy as possible. GLOBODOX gives you the opportunity to do so with its advanced scanning options which scan multiple documents in one go and use duplex scanning even on scanners that don’t support it.

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