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Finishing an engineering project on time is already a daunting task. Combine that with the paperwork required on any given project, with documents like CAD files, project plans, designs, regulatory permissions, technical documents, proposals, invoices, etc; and it starts to feel like a never ending loop. But there is an easier, faster & error-free way of managing engineering documents more efficiently, by using our engineering document management software, GLOBODOX. GLOBODOX ensures clear and precise document categorization, faster search, enhanced data security & customized workflow automation; allowing you to focus on finishing the actual project. Let’s look at a few ways GLOBODOX’s engineering document management system can benefit your firm or consultancy.


Organizes your Paperwork

From initial design layouts to final 3D plans, it’s difficult for engineers & engineering firms to keep a track of all the various documents involved in every individual project. But when you use an engineering document management software to categorize and folderize your paperwork, tracking documents becomes that much more simple. Engineering document management systems are designed to ensure easier filing and retrieval of documents. Here’s how GLOBODOX document management software streamlines the paperwork for engineering projects:


Categorize your documents using Tags & Stacks

globodox engineering document management solution

Find documents faster with advanced multi-condition search


Capture & import email messages using email capture


Link project based documents together for easier retrieval

Adding tags to documents & stacking related documents into groups using GLOBODOX, makes it easier to find those documents when required.

GLOBODOX’s advanced multi-condition search feature allows you to further filter your search criteria & extract the exact document you are looking for. You can also save your search queries to save time on future searches.

Email capture allows you to capture & import email messages to GLOBODOX, along with their indexing information such as sender name, date, address, etc.

GLOBODOX allows you to link all related documents together, based on their respective projects. This supports regulatory transparency & ensures that you never miss out on any important document.

Supports Simultaneous Collaboration

In today’s constantly evolving work culture, one big project can make or break an engineer’s career. And delays in information gathering, while working on such important projects, are just not feasible. An engineering document management software ensures real-time collaboration between various project teams, thus reducing data transfer time. With GLOBODOX’s engineering document management system, you can seamlessly transfer project guidelines and changes to your teams within seconds. Here’s how GLOBODOX document management software accelerates data transfer for engineering projects:

globodox engineering document management solutions

Access your documents from anywhere, at any time


Integrate GLOBODOX with all your other business software like CRM, ERP, etc


Add comments and share real-time feedback with team members


Create multiple versions of your designs & plans using Version Control

GLOBODOX is easily configured on laptops, pcs, mobiles & tabs, thereby allowing you access to your documents from anywhere, at any time.

GLOBODOX integrates with all your other business software, making sure that none of your business’s regular functions are affected.

GLOBODOX’s annotation features allow you to highlight important sections of documents and add real-time comments, bringing the document back & forth time down to zero.

GLOBODOX’s version control feature allows you to create, edit & share multiple versions of your project documents. It also allows you to add version notes to keep a track of all the changes made to each version, as well as lets you access older versions when required.

Automates Workflow Processes

We spend a lot of time and resources on tasks like document indexing, transferring documents for approvals, and asking teams for project updates. But these tasks can easily be automated using an engineering document management software like GLOBODOX. GLOBODOX’s workflow automation features allow you to replicate & automate almost all your day-to-day document based business processes, and they also allow you to design customized workflow automations based on specific project requirements. Here’s how GLOBODOX document management software helps save time on engineering projects:


Create custom workflows based on individual projects, to automate day-to-day tasks


Import documents automatically to GLOBODOX using Watch Folder


Use Zone Maps to automatically index important data from your documents


Setup automated email notifications for regular project updates

GLOBODOX allows you to design custom workflows for your engineering projects, based on your needs. These workflow automations are useful in automating day-to-day business processes like document transfers, approvals, indexing, and much more.

You can set up GLOBODOX to ‘Watch’ certain folders on your system, and automatically import new documents from these folders into GLOBODOX.

With GLOBODOX’s zone mapping feature, you can automate the process of extracting indexing information such as sender name, date, time, address, etc; from all your engineering documents.

You can set up GLOBODOX to send out automated email notifications, requesting project updates from your teams. They can then update you on the same by simply replying to these emails.

Enhances Data Security

How much revenue have you lost to stolen design ideas, replicated by low cost firms? Data security is the need of the hour for any business, and it’s imperative that even engineering firms secure their documents before sharing them with clients and contractors. An engineering document management software provides an extra layer of security, and gives you complete control over all your documents. Here’s how GLOBODOX’s engineering document management system protects your documents from thefts and leaks:

globodox engineering document management software

Encrypt important documents before storing them on GLOBODOX


Create security groups to grant access to documents based on hierarchy, department, etc

globodox engineering document management solutions

Use event logs to keep a tab on the changes made to documents


Restrict sharing, printing & emailing of documents without permissions

GLOBODOX allows you to encrypt documents before storing them on its servers. Once encrypted, the documents can only be viewed by entering a specially generated password.

You can use GLOBODOX to create document security groups based on project, hierarchy, department, etc; and grant access to different groups based on your preference.

You can use GLOBODOX’s event logging feature to know when your documents were modified and to identify the team member responsible for each modification.

GLOBODOX’s secure sharing feature allows you to restrict users from printing, emailing, or sharing your designs or project plans without permission. Thus allowing you to share your documents without the constant fear of thefts & leaks.

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