Government Document Management Software

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Government agencies all around the world are plagued with the paper epidemic. Be it internal communication, inter-agency communication or managing FOIA requests from citizens, paper documents play an important role. In this age of e-governance, managing paper documents is not only time consuming, but increases risk, inefficiency and cost. Be it a federal, local or state government agencies, the risks and issues remain common across all of them. Globodox, a government document management solution, can provide a comprehensive solution for all these organizational and financial problems along with improving service provided by government agencies. Data remains confined under tight security provided by Globodox which eliminates security risk and maintains confidentiality.

Improves data access


One of the most challenging parts of implementing a software or changing over from a traditional approach to a technological one is end-user training. Globodox is an easy to use software with almost no learning curve, a perfect tool for government agencies who don’t want to spend extra amount on employee training.

  • It is a single repository which can be used to organize, share, retrieve, reuse and manage documents. The single point of control improves efficiency in accessing data at hand and reduces staff’s rounds to the storage warehouse.
  • Add data quickly with the bulk add feature provided by Globodox and send it across through emails in a single click.
  • Globodox can be quickly set-up in the multi-user format. It facilitates concurrent usage of files between different users.
  • Indexing and tagging features offered by Globodox makes it simple to access documents which now have identification facilitating quick retrieval.

Improves records management


Though records management is a basic need of every government agency, it has a high level of human error. By implementing Globodox, you can reduce this human error and manage inward and outward correspondence in a better way.

  • Globodox allows you to store any type of document such as scanned paper documents, e-mail messages, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, digital audio and video files, photographs and PDFs.
  • With Globodox, you can arrange your documents into Folders and Sub-Folders which are similar to Windows Explorer Folders System. For better classification, you can also add text tags to the stored document, making it easy to search and retrieve.
  • It would be a major editing error if some other staff member makes use of your semi-edited document to give out facts or refer it for some other purpose. Globodox has a feature called Check-in / Check-out to help you with document editing. You can freeze the document momentarily so that concurrent working on the same document is prevented until you are done editing.

Better handling of FOIA Requests


Information sharing is a basic right which many citizens have come to exercise under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA 1966). Any Federal agency might receive a request for any record and handling such requests efficiently becomes a priority. If you have Globodox, then handling such requests can never go wrong.

  • With Globodox, you can disallow printing, saving files to local machines and emailing by simply denying the Distribute permission for a document to maintain confidentiality in handling FOIA requests. Note: This feature is available in the desktop client only
  • To maintain standards in answering FOIA requests you can also log details about user actions with the Event Logging feature (who modified a document and when). Export logged events as XLS, CSV, HTML files etc.
  • When storing a record, you can link it to related documents that you already have stored in Globodox. This way you can easily jump from one document to the other without having to search for related documents.

Automates repetitive processes


As a government agency with fewer staff members and a tight budget, spending time on unproductive tasks is something you would never want. There are number of regular work processes at the organization that could be automated, so that you achieve your goal of eliminating unproductive tasks.

  • When managing documents digitally, Globodox allows you to create re-usable custom security templates which let you decide on access control and permission management.
  • Globodox comes with complete workflow integration. You can configure it to deliver day-to-day work process, tasks, messages and notifications in the form of a message in the recipient’s inbox.
  • Once a process has been replicated digitally with workflow designer, you could approve documents with a digital signature or stamps, cutting through the regular process of printing a received document and then signing it.
  • To reduce repetitive procedures, you can save indexing data as a Template and then use this template to classify and store similar data. Re-usable settings for Scan, export, etc. can be stored as Profiles for later use.