Healthcare Document Management Software

Quality patient care

The role of data and documents in the healthcare industry is vital as it directly affects a patient’s life. Decisions made by a medical practitioner based on wrong data provided to him could be disastrous for a patient’s life. This is where a Document Management Software can step in to improve the communication lapse between a medical practitioner and his / her employees, enhancing the quality of care provided. Globodox is a truly powerful software that your medical center needs and here is how it can help you.

Organizes your practice


Maintaining patient charts the traditional way can make it difficult for healthcare workers to deliver information efficiently. Globodox will be a great addition to your practice management efforts with these amazing features.

  • Globodox is a central repository for all the documents generated or received at your center. So, accessing data (current or older) is not a problem at all.
  • Information can be reused with Globodox. The indexing data that you use for saving documents can be easily reused by creating a template of this data and applying it on similar documents. A great feature that saves your front desk employee’s time.
  • The number of documents generated for a single patient can be overwhelming. With Globodox, you can add documents and folders in bulk with built-in tools.
  • While maintaining records physically, organizations often tend to lose a document or two from their files, which could be critical to a patient, a case, an area of research or the organization in general.. Globodox helps you link multiple documents together so that related documents can be easily found.
  • Globodox is available with concurrent licenses so that several shift workers can be accommodated without having to purchase separate licenses.

Improves the Care provided


Quality patient care is the goal every medical care provider strives towards and Globodox is just the thing you need to take your care services up a notch.

  • Improves front desk employee performance with its powerful search options, reducing time required to retrieve documents in case of an emergency.
  • Workflow is fully integrated with Globodox. So, important data related to a patient like test results, fever patterns, etc which need immediate attention can be directly routed to the physician as soon as it is updated in Globodox.
  • Globodox works on the Drag and Drop principle making it easy for front desk employees to use. Documents, files, folders, emails, attachments, webpages and images on webpages, almost everything can be dragged and dropped improving employee efficiency.
  • On the go connectivity through smartphones and tablets ensures you are always updated about critical reports and analysis of patients even when not in the hospital.
  • Digitally stored records can be easily shared through Globodox which helps in the insurance process.

Keeps your data secured


Patient records are sensitive documents which need to be protected for privacy reasons. Globodox has very high standards of security which ensures you have control over every document stored in it.

  • Risk of non-consensual release of protected health information (PHI) is high if you don’t have a secure system to store it. Globodox has Windows Active Directory Integration through which you can create users with already defined roles on the network.
  • With Globodox, users can be assigned to different predefined roles as per their designations/job profiles. This will decrease the risk of human error in deletion or manipulation of documents.
  • Users can be granted different levels of access to refrain them from performing certain actions. Multi-speciality clinics can use this feature to assign viewing access to different practitioners but not editing options.
  • Log details of users actions can be maintained which is helpful when training a new front desk employee who is more prone to human error.