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Is the fear of misplacing important employee records keeping you up at night?

Are you struggling to keep a track of daily attendance sheets, holidays & reimbursements?

Is finding new automation tools to reduce workload part of your job profile?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then two things are certain. One – you manage the human resource of your company, and Two – you really need our HR document management software, GLOBODOX. The GLOBODOX document management system helps you manage all kinds of business documents like employee records, attendance sheets, performance reviews, payroll documents, invoices, resumes, etc. GLOBODOX lets you transition to a completely digital workspace by allowing you to move all your document processes online – saving valuable time, money & resources in the process. Here are a few ways GLOBODOX document management software can be beneficial for human resources department:


Improves HR Record Management

One of the primary objectives of the Human Resource department, is to create and maintain employee & business records for compliance needs. But as the company grows and employee strength increases, maintaining physical records becomes a tedious and time consuming process. And that is why companies need an HR document management software like GLOBODOX. Here’s how GLOBODOX’s document management system helps with systematic organization of company documents:


Add metadata to differentiate between documents


Use advanced search features to find documents faster


Capture emails and import them to GLOBODOX


Add documents or folders with a single click

GLOBODOX allows you to add metadata to your documents, in the form of tags, stacks & document types, that act as additional differentiators for your documents. Metadata allows you to search for documents, even if you don’t remember other details like document title, date, client name, etc

GLOBODOX’s advanced search features ensure that you always find the document you are looking for. Some of these features include in-document search, multi-language search, multi-condition search, parameterized search, and more.

GLOBODOX allows you to capture and import email messages and attachments, along with their indexing information like sender name, date, time, etc. This feature is extremely valuable for single-purpose inboxes like a dedicated human resource inbox for resumes.

Use GLOBODOX’s ‘Find and Add’ or ‘Add folders’ options to add batches of documents or entire folders into GLOBODOX with a single click.

Supports HR Collaborative Work

How many hours have you wasted running behind managers, waiting for them to fill job descriptions & feedback forms? With GLOBODOX HR document management software, you won’t have to wait. GLOBODOX allows you to share documents & request feedback in real-time, reducing the document idle time down to zero. Here’s how our HR document management system can help transform document processes in your company:


Highlight & add real-time feedback using annotations


Create multiple versions of documents using versioning


Share information on the go using GLOBODOX’s virtual printer


Fill digital forms by using GLOBODOX’s form typer tool

GLOBODOX’s annotations feature allows you to highlight and add comments to important parts of documents, which other users from your organization can respond to in real-time.

GLOBODOX’s document versioning feature allows you to create multiple versions of HR documents like employee contracts, client agreements, etc. It also allows you to retain & work on older versions if required.

GLOBODOX provides a built-in printing feature that allows you to share documents on-the-go, without having to actually print anything. You can simply convert documents into PDF files and share them with other users as digital printouts.

GLOBODOX’s form typer tool allows you to fill in digital forms without printing them. You can use the form typer tool to create a text box in the blank space on your digital forms and enter the information by typing in the text.

Secures Company’s HR Data

HR departments encounter a lot of personal and sensitive information about the company, the employees & the clients, on a daily basis. GLOBODOX HR document management software ensures all this information is protected, with advanced security features like two-factor authentication, document encryption and much more. Here’s how GLOBODOX’s HR document management system makes sure that your documents are always safe:


Encrypt documents before saving them on GLOBODOX


Create security groups to grant users access to documents

Use secure sharing to restrict users from unauthorized sharing of documents


Use event logging to keep a track of document changes

Use GLOBODOX’s industry-grade document encryption feature to encrypt your documents before saving them on our servers. Encrypted documents can only be viewed by users with access to the encryption password.

GLOBODOX allows you to create document security groups based on hierarchy, department, level of clearance, etc. Users can then be granted or restricted access to certain types of documents based on their respective security groups.

GLOBODOX’s secure sharing feature allows you to restrict users from printing, emailing or sharing your documents in any form, without authorization. This feature is essential for human resource executives that routinely share company documents with third party vendors like recruitment agencies, etc.

GLOBODOX’s event logging feature allows you to track every aspect of your documents – when the documents were uploaded to GLOBODOX, changes made to the document, as well as the person responsible for making the changes.

Automates HR Processes

More than 30% of a company’s time is wasted in waiting for approvals, requesting digital signatures & stamps, and improper document transfer methods. All these processes can be automated with the help of our HR document management software GLOBODOX. GLOBODOX allows you to replicate all your day-to-day business processes online – saving time & money, and reducing the errors incurred due to physical paperwork. Here is how GLOBODOX’s document management system helps automate your workflow processes:


Automate importing of documents into GLOBODOX using watch folders


Automate the indexing of documents like invoices using zone maps


Create custom workflows based on individual business needs


Monitor & reassign workflow tasks if users are busy or unavailable

You can set up GLOBODOX to watch certain folders on your system where you routinely add documents, and allow it to automatically import new documents from these ‘Watched’ folders into GLOBODOX.

GLOBODOX’s zone mapping feature allows you to automate the extraction of indexing information from form based documents like invoices, resumes, receipts, etc.

GLOBODOX’s workflow designer tool allows you to customize your workflow processes to replicate day-to-day tasks like interdepartmental document transfers, document approvals, signing, stamping, etc.

GLOBODOX’s workflow automation feature doesn’t just let you track all your workflow tasks, it also lets you pause, cancel, or reassign tasks with a single click.

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