Insurance Document Management Software

Quality patient care

Insurance industry is completely dependent on information collected from the insured individuals, be it healthcare, property or life services. Real –time access to this information becomes tedious when following a traditional model of paper documents and file cabinet storage. Using Globodox as an Insurance Document Management Software, can help you streamline documents generated and received by organizing them in a single repository. This centralized data model helps you organize, manage, manipulate and store data easily, resulting in better service for your customers.

Improves Information Management


Organizations that follow the traditional paper document and file cabinet model often have trouble locating information as the necessary papers to be searched could be at any location like the storage cabinet, employee’s desk or the shared server. Such information is of no use when searching for data in real-time. Globodox is a perfect solution for these woes as it offers centralized data storage, powerful indexing and advanced search options.

  • Globodox allows you to scan every document stored in the repository including image and PDF files with its built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) extractor.
  • Insurance business runs on supportive documentation and so every claim raised has scores of files, documents, reports, medical records, history, medication and other related documents attached with the claim. These records can be easily organized by adding links to multiple documents with Globodox.
  • Globodox offers you multiple indexing and annotation features which allow you to comment directly over an image and to write notes when working on a claim settlement.
  • Easy storage and indexing options are provided by Globodox in the form of Folders and Tags which can be used to store data in an organized manner.

Aids Workflow Automation


Repeating everyday process is a complete waste of productive office hours. Globodox comes with complete Workflow integration which allows you to create, monitor and edit workflows which replicate your day-to-day business processes. You can easily automate, approve and notify the claims settlement process at your office with powerful Globodox features.

  • Globodox comes with complete workflow integration which helps you automate day-to-day document workflow consisting of client, staff, user provided documents, vendor provided documents and government correspondence.
  • Globodox can be used to create tasks, messages and notifications from the designed workflow which is sent to the inbuilt inbox or any specified email address. This will allow you to create auto notification for processes you want to keep a check on.
  • As a part of the workflow designed, Globodox allows you to add a stamp, signature or also publish a document automatically making the manual printing and handwritten signature approval process redundant.

Improves Policy Compliance and Data Security


The claim settlement process requires extensive documentation which has to be scrutinized for minutest details and stored for a very long time (4 years according to HIPAA, SEC and Sarbanes). Globodox comes with a battery of features which easily allow you to monitor internal and governmental policy compliance and data integrity to achieve accurate results.

  • Globodox comes with superior security features which helps keep your data protected. Hierarchical security groups feature allows you to grant access permission to a certain document or folder within the group and sub-groups (optional).
  • To maintain internal and governmental policy, you could make use of the Event Logging feature by Globodox which helps you to capture user actions and monitor them. The captured log can be exported as XLS, CSV, HTML files.
  • Since documents are stored for a long time in the insurance industry, you would want the data to be protected against Error and Omission (E&O) liability. The data encryption feature by Globodox will encrypt your documents using industry standard strong encryption algorithms such AES, Blowfish and Triple-DES.
  • Policy compliance is taken to another level with the Distribute permission for a document by Globodox. Now, you are empowered to secure a document by disallowing printing, saving to local machine and emailing.

Reduces Cost, Improves Efficiency


Globodox helps you organize your documents, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Paper document storage and printing costs are the invisible costs in the industry which always remain unaccounted.

  • Globodox improves efficiency of your field operatives by making company data accessible on the mobile platform. The Globodox app for iOS and Android is a secured way of managing data remotely.
  • Globodox is an easy-to-use document management software which resembles MS Outlook in look and feel. It is modeled on the ‘Drag & Drop’ concept so that you can add almost any document with a single click.
  • Reduces cost – The cost of physical storage and the paper documents generated is drastically reduced bringing in some financial relief.
  • Simple setup – Globodox can be easily installed and configured. Also its concurrent licensing means you don’t have to buy a license for every user.