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Gone are the days when attorneys were distinguished by their flowing black coats armed with briefcases and files. The modern attorney dresses up in suave suits and carries laptops to the court. For a professional who charges by the hour, if you are still stuck with paper management and file organization, you are losing something. Let’s do some math – on an average if you charge $200 per hour and spend about an hour everyday sorting, filing and retrieving documents, then you lose about $1000 per week. You could easily save this amount if you had Globodox in your law firm. Globodox is a powerful document management software which acts as a central repository for all the documents generated and received in your office. Here is how Globodox can change the way you conduct business for better.

Improves case preparation


When you prepare for a case, do you spend more time on actually preparing for the case or is most of your time taken up by searching, organizing and retrieving case documents? Globodox can easily cut your time taken by unproductive tasks so that you can focus on providing legal advice. This is how Globodox can make a difference,

  • Globodox comes with built in Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which automatically indexes scanned documents, making them searchable instantly. You can easily search through documents provided by the court, opposing counsel and witness statements.
  • Working on a case document has been never so easy. Globodox allows you to draw, highlight, stamp, write comments and make notes directly over an image. You could also burn annotations over images, so that other users do not edit them out.
  • Longstanding cases are bound to have a huge amount of related documents that you need to retrieve as a part of your case preparation. If you have not organized these documents properly it would be an impossible task to retrieve all of the related documents swiftly and easily. With Globodox, you can create multiple links between documents stored and scanned to easily navigate through the sea of files.
  • When working on a case, if you don’t have version control in place, it is quite possible that you get lost in the number of versions you create. Globodox lets you easily create and access multiple versions of a document at any time. You can add Version Notes to remember the changes made for the version.

Improves Discovery Request handling


Discovery requests are a big part of the legal system and hence, need to be handled systematically. Globodox has features specifically for you to overcome general hurdles observed in discovery request handling.

  • Want to share a document as a part of a Discovery request made by opposing counsel, but don’t want to divulge other confidential information in the document? The Redact tool by Globodox allows you to hide unwanted or confidential data from a document before sharing it.
  • Email, share or print multiple documents received from a discovery request with a single click through Globodox.
  • When the matter is sub judice, not just the requested documents but every piece of communication for the same needs to be logged as the court may ask you to produce it anytime. Globodox offers you a unique email capture feature that will automatically save email messages and attachments related to the discovery request.
  • It is a waste of time to search for documents, print them and then, manually sign them to approve a discovery request. With Globodox you can use built-in stamps or create your stamps to mark document approval etc. Each user can also create a stamp of his / her signature.

Boosts Data Integrity


Law firms being at the receiving end of lawsuits for breach of non-disclosure agreements is not new. Data integrity for a law firm is important financially as well as reputation wise and Globodox can sure deliver it.

  • To prevent data leakage, you can easily log details about a user’s actions with the Event Logging feature of Globodox. Export logged events as XLS, CSV, HTML files etc.
  • With Globodox you can encrypt your documents using industry standard strong encryption algorithms such as AES, Blowfish and Triple-DES for added protection.
  • Document risk control can be achieved by disallowing printing, saving to local machine, emailing by simply denying the Distribute permission for a document with Globodox. Note: Distribute permission is enforced on the GLOBODOX Windows Desktop client only.
  • Create a secure environment for your firm’s data with the hierarchical security group feature. It ensures that users in a group can only access documents owned by their group and optionally documents of their sub groups.

Improves efficiency, Reduces cost


The central repository, concurrent viewing of multiple documents by multiple users, advanced search options, advanced scanning options and improved workflow features offered by Globodox increases your organization’s efficiency manifold.

  • Design your own workflow which replicates your firm’s business processes. Globodox can be used to generate auto notifications which are sent to a user’s inbox same way they receive an email. Save time spent in repetitive tasks performed everyday at the firm.
  • With the Workflow Designer, you could send confidential documents such as legal contracts for review and approval via predefined routes. This eliminates chances of unauthorized access to documents.
  • Digitally managing your legal documents such as affidavits and contracts will help your firm save up on storage and printing costs as compared to traditional management of documents.
  • A simple Outlook like user interface, powerful search options, easy scanning options and the Drag and Drop storage feature makes Globodox an easy to use software.