Manufacturing Document Management Software

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When you are in the manufacturing business, papers and files are the way how things are done. Invoices, purchase orders, bill of materials, standard operating procedures, work orders, inventory records, employee records, etc are just a few of the various documents that are generated during the manufacturing process. Maintaining these huge volumes of documents is a hidden cost that remains unaccounted for. But, there is a digital solution to all your document management woes – Globodox! Globodox is a document management system which can organize, manage and retrieve your documents, bringing out a major positive change in how you conduct your business. Here is how it can help your business reach greater heights:

Improves productivity


How sure are you that all of your employees spend their time on productive tasks only? With the traditional handling of documents come a lot of unproductive tasks which eat into your employees’ office time. Here is what Globodox does:

  • Globodox comes with a host of features for indexing, tagging and linking documents so that your employees don’t have to spend much time searching for documents.
  • Globodox is a single repository for your entire organization’s documents. This makes locating files easier for your employees and eliminates their trips to the warehouse or storage unit to physically search files.
  • Advanced scanning options provided by Globodox allow users to add single or multiple documents in no time with support for ADF and duplex scanners. The virtual duplex feature enables duplex scanning even on scanners that don’t have duplex scanning feature.
  • Unlike other complex software, Globodox is extremely easy to use with its simple Microsoft Outlook-like look and feel. It supports file Drag and Drop which means you can drag and drop almost any document into the Globodox repository.

Reduces Cycle time


Every manufacturing engineer is on a constant lookout to improve their unit’s process cycle time while still maintaining costs and quality. Globodox can help you achieve that with its complete workflow integration.

  • Globodox comes with complete workflow integration which allows you to route documents as per your business flow with a single click.
  • Globodox comes with Workflow Designer which allows you to create custom workflows which replicate your day-to-day business process eliminating the need of physically transferring documents. A custom work flow can be easily created for a business process such as the purchase order life cycle to route documents throughout the manufacturing chain which involves multiple people and departments.
  • Globodox also gives its users another advantage of generating notifications for tasks according to the workflow. You could receive auto-updates and notifications as soon as a document related to a task or process (work order, purchase order) is updated which is extremely useful for inventory management.
  • The built-in digital signature or stamp feature can be used by manufacturing engineers to digitally approve documents saving time. This reduces printing and signing of documents and eliminates table to table rotation of documents.

Improves decision making process


Availability of the right information at the right time can help you with business decisions that will take your organization forward. In case of a breakdown or bottleneck it is the quick access of data at hand that can solve the issue which is difficult if you manage your documents traditionally. Here is how Globodox can change that:

  • The easy adding and sharing options provided by Globodox will help you instantly share important documents with greater control boosting internal communication.
  • Quick resolution of product or customer issues through instant access of relevant data which can be searched by the advanced searching options provided by Globodox.
  • Auto-email capture will help you store emails and related attachments directly into Globodox with proper indexing so that it can be easily found. Dealing with purchase orders and work orders sent over mails just got easier.
  • Decision making for your accounts department is improved too as digital records can be accessed instantaneously for resolution of payment issues and purchase orders.
  • Data can be accessed in a secure way through Globodox’s mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms while on the go.

Delivers high-level security


You can easily consider Globodox as a virtual safe which cannot be cracked at all. Data integrity is a manufacturing organization’s top most concern and here is how Globodox delivers it.

  • Windows Active Directory integration allows Globodox to source user ids and passwords directly from the network so you don’t have to create separate ids.
  • To safeguard security of documents like the SOPs, process documents, payroll, balance sheets, costing data and more Globodox offers document level security.
  • To maintain documentation standards you can log user actions with the Event Logging feature of Globodox.
  • Hierarchical user groups can be set up to define access to documents based on role of employee such as executive, auditor, manager and senior manager.
  • Globodox facilitates quick backup and restore to ensure your system is up and running even after a disaster.