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Developing a pharmaceutical drug is a long, difficult & pain staking process. The process usually involves a pre-trial phase, a clinical trial phase & a commercialisation or product launch phase for every drug a pharmaceutical company develops. All these processes require accurate & timely documentation, like maintaining documents on the drug’s development, information on the research team, funding records, animal & human trial studies, drug composition, regulatory compliances, and much more. Delays in development & approval of these documents can result in losses amounting to billions of dollars for the company. That is why many pharma companies across the world have switched to GLOBODOX document management software, to manage all their documents & business correspondence at one place. GLOBODOX document management system helps pharmaceutical companies maintain an accurate log of the drug’s entire life cycle – from pre-trial to marketing, accelerates document approvals & transfers, improves data security, and helps drug manufacturers comply with regulatory protocols like good laboratory practices (GLP), current goods manufacturing processes (cGMP) & other health, safety & data security guidelines issued by the FDA. Here is how GLOBODOX transforms the document & information management processes for pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies:

Improves Accessibility & Transparency

With GLOBODOX you will no longer have to deal with transfer of wrong information or misplacement of documents, and you will also be able to maintain a level of transparency expected of any good pharmaceutical organisation. Here is how GLOBODOX document management software improves accessibility & transparency for pharmaceutical companies:


Create a single repository for all your pharmaceutical records


24*7 access to information from anywhere in the world


Share feedback in real-time


Capture & import email messages as PDF files

GLOBODOX’s built-in viewer allows you to work with all popular file formats, like .doc, .pdf, .txt, .xls & more. It also acts as a single storage space for all your pharmaceutical documents, removing the need to navigate through document folders & filing cabinets.

GLOBODOX provides a web based application which ensures that your information is always within your reach.

GLOBODOX annotations like highlights, digital signature & comments allow you to share feedback & suggestions with other users in real-time.

GLOBODOX’s email capture feature lets you capture email messages & import them into GLOBODOX, allowing you to maintain a mandated log of all your email correspondence at once place.

Streamline Pharmaceutical Document Processes

Maintaining & tracking thousands of documents on a daily basis can be a tough & time consuming process. But GLOBODOX’s advanced filing & search features ensure that your documents are organised into manageable groups & easier to locate whenever required. Here is how GLOBODOX document management software streamlines document processes in pharmaceutical organisations:


Add text tags to documents to find them easily


Create links between stacks & documents for easier access


Use multi-condition search to filter search results


Store & reuse document templates

If you have too many documents to manage, you can organise them more efficiently by adding text tags to the documents. These text tags can then be used as search keywords, to find the document you are looking for.

GLOBODOX lets you link multiple documents & stacks to each other, so you can easily access all the linked documents or stacks at one common place.

GLOBODOX’s multi-condition search feature allows you to narrow down your search using multiple search criterias. Let’s say you are looking for unpaid invoices above $1000. You can use search criterias like ‘Payment status: Unpaid’ & ‘Amount: Greater than or equal to $1000’, to find all the invoices that match your search criteria.

You can store existing documents as templates to create more documents with a similar format, so you don’t always have to create such documents from scratch.

Automates Pharmaceutical Workflow

Using outdated paper based methods for workflow processes like document transfer, approvals, signing, archiving, etc, can result in delays that can amount to millions of dollars in lost revenue. GLOBODOX document management software allows you to automate these processes online, reducing the time taken to finish these day-to-day business tasks by more than 50%. Here is why you need to automate your pharmaceutical workflow with GLOBODOX:


Create custom workflows to suit your business needs


Use Watch Folders to automatically import documents from your hard drive


Define Zone maps on documents to extract indexing data while scanning


Choose a date to automatically archive or delete documents

GLOBODOX’s custom workflow design feature allows you to customize your workflow processes based on your requirements. You can create simple as well as complex workflow designs, and you can also change the design whenever there is a change in your workflow process.

Watch Folders is a unique feature that lets you automate document transfers into GLOBODOX. Simply allow GLOBODOX to track or watch certain folders on your system, and GLOBODOX will automatically transfer new documents coming into those folders, to GLOBODOX.

Zone maps allows you to automate the process of extracting indexing information during physical document scans. You can choose which areas of the document you want to map for information, and GLOBODOX will automatically extract & store information from the selected areas during the document scan itself.

With GLOBODOX’s document retention features, you can automate the process by selecting a date on which you would like GLOBODOX to automatically archive or delete your documents.

Improves Data Security

Pharmaceutical companies are required to maintain a level of security that is in compliance with GDPR & HIPAA norms. These security measures are essential to protect the integrity of the drug manufacturing process, as well as to secure personal & financial information of the company, its employees & clients. Here are some of GLOBODOX’s security features that will make you want to give up traditional paper based processes for good:


Integrate Windows Active Directory with GLOBODOX for easier access


Create security labels to control document access


Comply with HIPAA norms with features such as document versioning & encryption


Track document life-cycle through each phase

Using Windows Active Directory integration, system administrators can easily create GLOBODOX profiles for all their Windows users in no time. This also allows users to login to GLOBODOX as soon as they login to their Windows account, removing the need for a new login credential.

GLOBODOX security labels allow you to control complete access to your documents at every step. You can create & assign security labels to allow or restrict users from viewing, modifying, sharing & deleting your documents, as well as its attached metadata.

HIPAA states that patients have complete control over their medical records, and they can also request to withhold or change their medical records, as per their needs. Document versioning allows you to store & access several versions of patient records. It also lets you track older versions, as well as decide the number of versions for each document. Similarly, document encryption allows you to keep patient records secured from other users. Encrypted documents cannot be viewed or accessed without necessary permissions.

Maintaining & tracking pharmaceutical documents & changes made to them through each drug phase is one of the primary responsibilities of pharmaceutical companies. GLOBODOX’s event logging feature provides you with all the information you would need, like when the document was uploaded, when it was modified or shared, as well as the names of the users that accessed the document.

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