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Are the extra hours you spend doing documentation for your real estate business eating away your personal time? Then you, my friend, need a specialised property document management software. Real estate or property management businesses work on information – information that comes from sources like sales staff, clients inquiries, property managers, government authorities, etc, in the form of documents like contracts, mortgage documents, rent & lease agreements, loan applications, environmental indemnity clauses, commission slips, etc. Managing & tracking all this information without the help of a dedicated system is next to impossible. And that is why many real estate firms around the world recommend GLOBODOX document management software. GLOBODOX is one of the most highly rated document management systems in the industry, with features that are essential for the real-estate firms, like metadata based filing, multi conditional search, automated indexing & archiving, enhanced document security & control, compliance & audit assistance, and much more. GLOBODOX reduces paperwork time by more than 30 minutes every day, by providing users a user-friendly platform to manage their documents more efficiently. Here’s how GLOBODOX document management software can help improve your property management business:


Improves Information Accessibility

GLOBODOX document management software allows you to import any file formats. Your users can access their documents and put in their comments from anywhere. Here are some other ways GLOBODOX improves your business’s accessibility:


Create a single digital repository for all your documents


Share feedback with other users in real-time


Work from anywhere, at any time


Scan & print documents on the go

From client lists to brochures to sales receipts to emails, property managers come across various kinds of documents in many different file formats, like .doc, .xls, .pdf, .dwg & more. GLOBODOX acts as a single digital repository of all your business documents, so you don’t have to navigate through multiple apps for different document formats.

GLOBODOX provides a document highlighting & commenting feature that allows you to highlight important sections of a document and add & share feedback comments with other users in real-time, resulting in faster document transfers & increased productivity.

GLOBODOX’s on-premise & cloud storage options, internet based connectivity & mobile functionality ensure 24*7 access to your documents from anywhere on the planet, even the comfort of your home, or while showing a newly listed property to a client.

GLOBODOX’s built-in scanning & printing support feature lets you scan all types of single-page & multi-page documents like brochures, price lists, etc, and also lets you share virtual PDF printouts on the go.

Eases document filing & search

GLOBODOX document management system’s advanced filing & search features go beyond the traditional folder system. They allow you to organise & search your documents not just in files & folders, but also with the help of metadata like tags, data fields, stacks & more. Here are some of GLOBODOX’s organisational features & their benefits to real estate organisations:


Use metadata like tags or document types to organise documents


Link related documents for easier access


Find documents faster with advanced search features


Create multiple versions with document versioning

GLOBODOX’s tags & document types allow you to add metadata to your documents. These metadata keywords are based on the document’s content like client name, amount, date, address, contact information, payment status, etc, which can then be used as search queries to find documents faster.

Linking documents related to a particular client, project or any other data field, allows you to categorise your documents in a much more detailed way. For example: Users can link their initial quotation to the PO, the PO to the invoice and invoice to the delivery note, so they can access all the necessary documents from any one of the document links.

GLOBODOX provides plenty of search features designed to reduce your search time, like multi-condition search, in-document search, saved searches, multi language search, etc. Let’s say you are looking for a project brochure that was saved a year ago. You can just select any one of these search features, enter the search keyword or criterias & find your brochure in no time.

Property documents like project plans, costs, etc are dependent on project development & availability. With GLOBODOX’s document versioning feature, you can create multiple versions of these documents to incorporate edits & changes, retract & work on older versions, as well as keep track of the changes made to each version.

Automates Workflow Processes

Workflow delays like document approvals, document transfers, etc, are one of the prime causes of concern for any property management firm. GLOBODOX document management software’s workflow automation feature lets you replicate the entire process digitally, reducing errors, tracking delays, as well as allowing you to customize your workflow process to suit your needs. Here is everything you need to know about GLOBODOX’s workflow automation feature:


Automate document imports with Watch Folders


Automate document approvals & transfers


Create custom workflow designs


Automate document archiving

Watch Folders allows you to automatically track & import new documents from your system, into GLOBODOX. Simply, ask GLOBODOX to watch certain folders on your system, and GLOBODOX will routinely transfer new documents getting saved into that folder, to GLOBODOX.

GLOBODOX’s workflow automation feature allows you to automatically route documents to the appropriate department or user for approvals. It also lets you send in-app & email workflow notifications, pause, cancel or reassign pending workflow tasks, and track documents at every step.

GLOBODOX believes that a good workflow design is the one that works well for you, and that is why we have the custom workflow design feature. You can create multiple simple or complex workflow patterns depending on the team or project’s requirement, size, scalability & more.

GLOBODOX’s automated archiving allows you to set a date on which your documents would automatically be archived. For example, you may have some contracts which you need to retain for legal purposes and do not want users to modify or delete. Using GLOBODOX you can archive the contracts so that they can be retained forever, without the risk of getting modified or deleted.

Enhances Data Security

Property management firms come across a lot of sensitive personal & financial information on a daily basis, like customer address, phone number, bank details, loan details, etc, the leaking of which can be harmful for their clients & employees. GLOBODOX document management software’s encryption based security system protects your data from thefts & leaks, provides a secure login mechanism, and gives you complete control of your documents. Here are some of GLOBODOX’s security features:


Create hierarchical security groups to grant selective access to documents


Redact parts of a document from select users


Restrict unauthorised sharing of documents


Assign security labels to restrict certain information from specific users

GLOBODOX lets you create document security groups based on hierarchy, department, designation, etc. These security groups let you choose which group of users from your organisation are allowed access to what kind of documents. Pre-defined security groups also remove the need to create individual security labels for each document or user.

Document redaction is an essential tool for property documents like legal agreements, sales deeds, lease agreements, etc. Redaction lets you hide sensitive client information like phone number, home address from junior level employees & third party vendors like sales staff, customer support, etc.

GLOBODOX’s sharing control feature allows you to restrict emailing, printing or sharing of your documents in any form, without your permission. Sharing control is useful in controlling information leaks, protecting unreleased information, and more.

GLOBODOX’s security labels let you select what kind of privileges you want to assign to a user or group wrt to any document or group of documents. Some of these privileges include permissions to view, share, modify & delete the document. You can also assign different security labels to different users, even for the same document.

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