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From the moment a product is brought into your store, to the moment it is sold, you will always find a constant paper trail behind it. A paper trail consisting of invoices, receipts, purchase orders, bills of materials, stock records, employee records, client records, etc. And managing all these different kinds of documents is extremely time consuming, time that could be spent on generating more sales and growing the business. But there is a better, faster and more efficient way of managing these documents, and it is called GLOBODOX. GLOBODOX is the perfect retail document management software for all types of retail stores & businesses. GLOBODOX allows you to easily manage, store, edit and share all your documents online, making it one of the most essential tools any retail business can have. Here are a few ways GLOBODOX – one of the most highly rated retail document management systems in the market – can make a positive impact to your retail business:


Improves Document Filing & Tracking

Imagine you store an invoice on your PC but forget its name. Is it possible to find it? With a retail document management software, it’s possible. Retail document management systems are designed to ensure faster filing and retrieval of documents. Here’s how GLOBODOX acts as the perfect document management software for retail stores:

Link, tag and stack documents to reduce retrieval time


Create document types to categorize different types of documents

globodox industry solution retail document Get preciese icon

Find documents in seconds with advanced search options

globodox industry solution retail add multiple documents

Add multiple documents with a single click using the Bulk Add feature

GLOBODOX allows you to link related documents together, add tags (meta tags) to your documents and create document stacks, all to make finding documents easier for you.

With GLOBODOX, you can create multiple document types based on your needs. Document types like ‘Invoices’, ‘Bills’, ‘Purchase Orders’, etc. This ensures clear categorization and easier sorting of all your documents.

GLOBODOX’s advanced multi-conditional search features allows you to add multiple search criterias to narrow down your search results to the exact file.

The Bulk Add feature allows you to add multiple documents to your GLOBODOX database with a simple click or drag and drop.

Improves Productivity

Being productive means utilizing your time in the most efficient way possible. Manual paperwork processes take up way too much time and resources. But with a retail document management software, most of these processes can be automated and completed within no time. Here’s how GLOBODOX helps improve productivity as a retail document management system:


Create a central database for all your business documents


Automate document indexing with Zone Maps


Collaborate on the same documents simultaneously

Set dates to automatically archive or delete old documents

GLOBODOX doesn’t just act as a central database for all your documents, it also allows you to edit and share all types of documents, saving you from constantly having to switch between multiple applications.

Extracting indexing data from multiple invoices or bills can be a tedious task. But when you automate the process using GLOBODOX’s Zone maps, it can be accomplished within minutes.

GLOBODOX’s real-time collaboration feature allows multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously.

Deleting or archiving old documents helps you reduce the clutter in your GLOBODOX database. And to speed up the process even further, GLOBODOX allows you to automate the process by setting a delete or transfer date to every document.

Automates Business Processes

Gone are the days when it was feasible to wait for documents to bounce from desk to desk. Today’s fast-paced business environment requires a more proactive approach. With a retail document management software’s workflow automation features, you can automate most of your daily business processes. Here’s how GLOBODOX can help set up a completely automated workplace for retail stores, as a document management software:

globodox_solution_Accounts_Payable_Automation_icon_image2-1 (1)

Create custom workflows for payments and receivables


Notify users to complete various business tasks

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Automate routine inter-departmental document transfers


Auto add signatures or stamps to documents post approval

GLOBODOX allows you to create custom workflows to replicate accounts payable and accounts receivable processes, and other accounting tasks.

Workflow customization also allows you to track tasks and notify users about those tasks. Users get notified about pending tasks through email and notifications, which they can respond to by simply replying to the above notifications.

GLOBODOX’s custom workflows also allow you to automatically route invoices, purchase orders, sales records, etc from one department to another based on your needs.

The built-in digital signature and stamps allow you to digitally approve documents with ease. This reduces the need to print those documents specifically for approvals.

Secures Personal & Financial Information

Most retail documents contain valuable personal and financial information, either about you, your employees or your clients. It’s essential that you take measures to protect this information. Using a retail document management software, you can make sure that this data is stored on a secure server, away from hackers and data thieves. Read below to learn how our retail document management system – GLOBODOX, improves security for your retail business:


Scan & digitize old documents to protect them from damage and thefts

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Keep a track on your documents with event logging


Restrict unauthorized sharing, printing or emailing of documents


Create hierarchical user groups to define access to documents

Paper documents aren’t just difficult to manage, they are also susceptible to damages and leaks. If you are just starting to digitize your paperwork, you can use GLOBODOX’s bulk scanning feature to scan and secure all your old paper documents.

GLOBODOX’s built-in scanning feature allows you to scan all kinds of single and multi page documents, and works well with ADF and Duplex scanners. The virtual duplex scanning feature allows duplex scanning even on scanners that don’t support duplex scanning.

Event logging allows you to track documents, track changes made to documents, as well as identify which user was responsible for specific documents.

Retail documents such as bills or invoices are routinely shared with third-party vendors such as accountants, wholesalers, etc. With GLOBODOX’s secure sharing feature, you can restrict users from printing, emailing, or sharing documents in any form, without your permission.

With GLOBODOX, you can grant selective access to documents by setting up hierarchical security groups based on the employee’s role and designation in the company, such as accountant, sales executive, manager, senior manager, etc.

GLOBODOX’s advanced security features like document encryption, password protection, document access control, and regular data backups, ensure that your documents are always safe.

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