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Transportation services rely on timely & accurate transfer of information between managers, vendors, staff members & clients. This information usually travels in the form of documents like sales orders, staff salary slips, invoices, inventory documents, vehicular details, order delivery notes, etc. Most transport order or service delays usually occur due to misplacement or mismanagement of paperwork. And that is exactly why many transport services from all over the world have switched to GLOBODOX transportation document management software. Over the years, GLOBODOX’s carefully designed document management features have ensured an automated, process oriented and error free document management experience for its clients. GLOBODOX creates a single digital repository for all transport documents – allowing 24*7 access to information for any team member or client, automates day-to-day processes like requesting for approvals & interdepartmental document transfers, and also increases data security & builds compliance. GLOBODOX’s transportation document management system doesn’t just improve your transport documentation, it also reduces overhead costs, saves paperwork time, reduces errors, improves productivity, and helps you reach more clients. Here are a few ways GLOBODOX document management solution can improve your transport operations:


Improves Document Filing & Search

How many times have you lost or delayed an order due to improperly filed or misplaced documents? Too many to count? But with GLOBODOX transportation DMS, you will never have to worry about losing your documents again. GLOBODOX transportation document management system’s organizational & search features ensure that your documents are well-organized into respective groups & easier to search for. Here are a few of our advanced filing & search features curated specially for document-reliant sectors like transportation.


Organize your documents with folders, tags & document types


Link all the documents related to a transport order or client


Find documents faster with metadata based search


Scan paper documents & convert them to PDF files

GLOBODOX provides plenty of ways of organising your documents. You can create custom folders & subfolders, you can add tags to every document, and you can also create a document type for every type of document.

GLOBODOX’s document linking feature lets you link all the documents related to a particular client or order, making it easier for you to find them when required.

Metadata are keywords or phrases you can add to your documents in the form of tags, stacks & much more. You can enter the keyword(s) in the search bar and find your document within seconds, removing the need to go through thousands of folders.

GLOBODOX’s powerful scanning features lets you connect with all TWAIN compliant ADF & Duplex scanners, and allows you to scan & add as many single-page or multi-page documents as you want. The Virtual Duplex feature even enables duplex scanning on printers that do not support duplex scanning.

Increases Accessibility & Collaboration

One of the drawbacks of using manual document processes is its lack of accessibility. GLOBODOX transportation DMS doesn’t just make your documents accessible to all parties, it also allows users to share feedback in real-time, bringing the document back & forth time down to zero. Here are some ways our document management system improves teamwork & accessibility in the transportation industry.


Work with all popular file formats like .pdf, .xls, .doc, .dwg, etc


Set up a customer portal to give your customers access to their documents


Highlight & add comments to documents in real-time


Easily share documents via Email, Fax, Print, etc.

GLOBODOX supports almost all popular file formats like .pdf, .xls, .doc, ,dwg, .txt & more, so you don’t have to switch applications for different types of files.

GLOBODOX lets you create a designated customer portal to provide customers a secure & easy way of accessing their documents using their own login credentials. The customer portal can be used to store all documents related to any particular client or project, and also to store client information like contact information, shipping address, important dates, etc.

Annotations let you highlight & add comments to important parts of your documents, allowing you to share feedback with other users in real-time.

GLOBODOX’s integration capabilities let you connect & share your documents via Email, Fax, Print, etc.

Automates Workflow Processes

As a 22 year old document management system, GLOBODOX understands that a transport document spends most of its time waiting for approvals, signatures, and data extraction & processing. GLOBODOX transportation DMS lets you automate most of these mundane workflow processes, and accelerates the movement of documents between various departments & parties. Here’s how GLOBODOX’s workflow automation features help you speed up your day-to-day workflow processes.


Design custom workflows based on your needs


Automate document indexing with Zone Maps


Monitor & reassign workflow tasks with a single click


Automate document signing & stamping for approvals

GLOBODOX lets you design custom workflow processes, to better suit your business’s needs. You can also create multiple custom workflows for different departments or clients.

Indexing thousands of documents can be time-consuming & stressful for your staff. But with GLOBODOX’s zone mapping feature, you can automatically extract indexing information from documents like invoices, purchase orders, receipts, etc.

GLOBODOX lets you track the progression of all your workflow tasks, and also lets you pause, cancel or reassign tasks, as per your needs.

GLOBODOX’s workflow automation feature automatically sends out your invoices & agreements to the concerned departments for approvals, signatures & stamps.

Enhances Data Security

Most transport operators like package delivery companies, trucking companies, air freight carriers, logistics providers and moving companies, come across a lot of sensitive personal & financial information on a daily basis. GLOBODOX transportation document management software’s additional security features protect your data from thefts & leaks, and also grant you complete control over who gets to view, share or delete your documents. Here are a few reasons why the GLOBODOX document management system is the ideal protection for your transport documents.


Grant access to documents based on hierarchy, department, etc


Restrict unauthorized sharing, printing or emailing of your documents


Backup files & documents to prevent loss of information


Log user interaction to know when documents are modified and by whom

GLOBODOX lets you create document security groups, which can then be used to give users access to your documents based on hierarchy, departmental clearance, authorisation, etc.

GLOBODOX’s secure sharing feature lets you restrict users from printing, emailing or sharing your documents, without your permission.

GLOBODOX allows you to take regular data backups on secure on-premise or cloud based servers, adding an extra layer of protection for your documents.

GLOBODOX’s event logging feature lets you track the movement of all your documents, and also tells you when your documents are modified & by whom.

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