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Documents are an integral part of the legal industry. As the legal fraternity moves to a system based on more team work, traditional methods of managing documents will just not do. There could not be another industry that uses so much of paper and documents as part of its inherent process as law. Most people draw parallels with publishing, but even that deals with documents because it’s their business.

When it comes to law, the processes have been designed in all these years in a way that requires great amount of documenting. This documentation is performed in several ways, but mostly it’s according to the standard folder system, and as the times have changed, this has led to a peculiar problem.


How can Globodox help lawfirms?

Organize case documents as you want

The Globodox User Interface is designed to be very friendly, and easy to use. This means there are no surprises, or an extensive learning curve before you start using it. The search-centric design and customization options make it a great tool to get your document management in order instantly.It lets you sort the information in many ways

  • Organize documents as per case ID
  • Use tags to further classify documents
  • Store any amount of notes / information for each client
  • Indexing feature

Find any document for any case in seconds

Find documents easily with built in powerful search feature. Find all the case related documents at one place quickly. Link multiple documents and stacks.

  • Search thousands of cases and millions of documents in seconds
  • Quick search lets you find by information by demographic / case specific information or document contents
  • Run multi-condition searches for analyses (e.g. All cases whose next hearing is within this week)
  • Save complex searches for later reuse
  • Search for and jump to folder at blazing speeds

Share documents with colleagues easily

Globodox also has great collaboration features which let you instantly share important document with greater control. It also comes with check-in / check-out features to help prevent over-writing of data.

  • Collaborate easily on case documents
  • Check-in / Check-out feature to help prevent unintentional over-writing of information
  • Audit trail lets you check who modified what
  • Versioning

Control access and use industry standard encryption

Globodox was designed keeping in mind the highest level of security from various perspectives. It’s equipped with latest technology in encryption and access permissions. This provides you with an additional control over privileges and confidentiality and protects sensitive case related information.

  • Ensure that staff can access only those documents for which they are authorized
  • Control access on a per use or per document level
  • View a detailed log of who modified or deleted a document and when
  • Store documents in encrypted form for additional security

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