New Workflow Management Feature Will Help Organizations Save Time

December 22, 2011

Organizations often have certain business processes that are similar to each other. When using automated routing of document based tasks, they find that in spite of very few unique tasks, they need to create a new workflow for every process. Now you can avoid this wastage of time and effort that could have been better utilized to improve existing processes. A new functionality introduced in Globodox enterprise document management software allows you to clone a workflow and then modify it as required. This is just one of the additions that come as part of the new, Globodox version 7.5, released by ITAZ technologies.


Another addition is the introduction of language support. The Globodox user interface is now available in Spanish, French and Slovak too. This spells good news for organizations whose business language is one of these. They can now install the respective language edition of Globodox rather than the English edition (Though the user interface (menus, messages etc.) is now available in the above mentioned languages, documents and data can be stored in any language in Globodox). Commenting on the language support, Shiraz Ahmed, CEO of ITAZ Technologies said, “We have customers in over 50 countries and for quite some time now, we have been receiving requests for the Globodox user interface to be made available in languages other than English. We have finally been able to roll this out. We are starting with Spanish, French and Slovak. Other languages like Italian and Arabic will follow soon. While Globodox is already global in reach, we are endeavoring to make it globally local as this will help our customers derive even greater value from the software.”

Another small yet significant addition in Globodox 7.5 is the display of email messages. Up until now, customers would have to have MS Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail installed on their machine to preview email messages stored in Globodox. Now Globodox natively supports viewing of such files. This means even if you do not have MS Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail installed on your machine, you can preview these email messages.

Commenting on the introduction of workflow cloning in Globodox Shiraz said, “Duplication of effort in creating similar workflows all over again may not be a bother for users who use simple workflows. But for the users who create complicated workflows, it can be a big distraction. The workflow cloning feature is a big help for such users. The ability to easily clone workflows will lead to increased usage of the powerful workflow features in Globodox. This in turn will help our customers derive even greater value from their investment in Globodox.”


About ITAZ Technologies

ITAZ Technologies designs easy to use document management software for businesses of all sizes. Globodox is ITAZ’s solution in the field of document management for medium-to-large enterprises. ITAZ was founded in 1999 and has been developing products that meet and exceed customer expectations and their changing preferences. A customer-centric approach, continuous R&D and a high standard of business ethics has made ITAZ a successful organization, with customers in over 50 countries across the globe.

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