Accounts Payable Automation

An accountant has to deal with hundreds of documents on a daily basis (Bills, invoices, receipts etc…). The accounting department is one of the most document intensive areas in an organization. Most accounting departments, find it difficult to synchronize their work processes and face complexities like increased processing time, inefficient reporting, disorganized filing and more.Globodox addresses the specific and unique needs of the accounting industry. Standardization of procedures can be maintained regardless of any fluctuations in work volume or staff changes, thus helping accounting departments to maintain organization and improve accuracy of their work. Globodox speeds up and simplifies the capture, processing and auditing of documentation. This helps the accounting departments to focus on their work by processing transactions accurately, quickly and compliantly.


Globodox for Accounting Departments

Powerful Search
Find documents (Invoices, Purchase orders, bills etc) easily with the built-in ultra-search feature.

Sensible Organization
Organize your invoices easily in Globodox with tags, folders and document types.

Efficient Workflow Approval
Automatically sends invoices and gets approvals in a timely manner. It also alerts staff members to new tasks.

Batch Scan and Batch Update
Reduce the need for physical indexing, sorting and filing.

Synchronize documents and work processes. Minimize the chances of late payments/defaulting.

Information Security
Provide controlled access to highly confidential documents.

Steps to Simplify and Synchronize Your Accounting Process

Capture and Retrieve Information
  • With Globodox batch scan and batch update reduce the need for physical indexing, sorting and filing.
  • Classify a particular invoice or purchase order based on its use or content using Document Types.
  • Create multiple custom saved searches for daily usage.
Automate Your Process
  • Automate your Accounting process by creating custom workflows.
  • Automatically route invoices and other documents to assigned staff.
  • Send reminder notifications to assigned users via email.
  • Track the progress of any pre-existing workflows with the help of the workflow monitor.
  • Link Invoices to purchase orders for greater convenience.
Review and Approval
  • Easily configure workflow to automate review and approval process.
  • Accounting departments can review invoices in Globodox.
  • Send reviewed invoices for approval in a timely manner.
  • Easily approve or deny payments.
Perform an Audit Trail
  • Easily track changes made to a particular document.
  • View date, time and usernames of all the users who have ever edited a particular document.
  • Organization receives greater visibility into the entire accounting process.
  • Generate Audit Reports quickly and easily.
Securely Store Information
  • Provide Controlled access to highly confidential documents.
  • Industry grade encryption tools can be used to secure all your vital documents.

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