Active Directory Integration

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What is an Active Directory?

An Active Directory is a database that stores information about items on a network, such as user names, groups, passwords etc. Its purpose is to enable specific users and network administrators to have a hierarchical view of information stored in the database from a single location.


Integration with Globodox

Active Directory Integration helps you quickly import Windows users as Globodox users. That means that you do not need to separately create user names and passwords in Globodox. Active Directory Integration thus makes managing multiple users much simpler.


Once users have been imported, the superadmin can assign role based permissions in Globodox to the imported users.


When these users login into Windows and start Globodox, Globodox will no more prompt them for their username and password; Globodox will simply use their Windows credentials to log them in. So if a user is logged onto Windows as Mike then when the user starts Globodox, he will be automatically logged into Globodox as Mike.



Active Directory Users can only be imported using the Active Directory Integration module.
Non Active Directory users will not be able to login to Globodox once the Active Directory Authentication mode is enabled.
At least one Active Directory user must be assigned a Administrator role before switching to Active Directory Authentication mode.
Before you can proceed with the integration, make sure that the Active Directory Integration module is installed. If not, click here to download it.


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