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You can add a new file store by clicking the New drop-down of the Home tab and selecting the File Store option. File Store can be a local folder on your disk, a shared folder on your network or a folder on a FTP server. Click here for information about creating a new FTP based File Store

To Add a New File Store:

1.Open the DB to which you want to add the new File Store.
2.Click Settings > DB Settings in the Navigation Pane.
3.Select the File Store node and click the New button of the Home tab. The File Store window will now be launched.
4.Enter a name for the File Store in the File Store Name box.
5.Select or enter the path of the folder where documents added to this File Store will be stored.
6.Check the Set as default file store option if you want the File Store to be set as the Default File Store.
7.Check the Set as read-only option to set the read-only attribute for the File-Store.
8.Check the Automatically create sub-folders under the main folder option if you want documents to be stored in sub-folders created automatically inside the File Store. This option is not available when the Set as read only option has been checked. If this option is unchecked documents are stored in the root of the File Store.
For example:
If the path of your File Store is C:\MyFileStore, then
If this option is checked then documents will first create a sub-folder called Location1 and then stores documents in that (C:\MyFileStore\Location1) folder.
When the maximum number of files (see File Count based) have been stored in the Location1 sub-folder, Globodox will automatically create a new sub-folder called Location2. Documents will then be stored in the C:\MyFileStore\Location2 folder.
If this option is unchecked then documents will be stored directly in the C:\MyFileStore folder.
Time based
Enter the time (in minutes) in the box which specifies the time after which a new sub-folder will be created in the root of the File Store.
File count based
Enter a numeric value in the box which specifies the maximum number of files that Globodox can store in each sub-folder. When the maximum number of files have been stored in a sub-folder, a new sub-folder will automatically be created in the root of the File Store.
When working with a very large number of documents creating sub-folders can improve the performance of Globodox.
9.Click the Save and close button to create the new File Store.



Documents added to the Globodox DB are saved in the File Store.
Every Globodox DB has at least one File Store but a single DB can have multiple File Stores as well.
Each Globodox DB must always have one File Store designated as the Default File Store
The Default File Store is the same as other File Store except for the fact that all newly added documents (including scanned documents) are saved in this folder.
A Globodox DB cannot have more than one Default File Store at anytime.
You can set any File Store as the Default File Store at anytime.
A local/shared folder based File Store can be converted to a FTP based File Store at anytime

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