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You can add documents by dragging and dropping them to Globodox drive.


To Add Documents by Dragging & Dropping to Globodox drive

1.Start Windows Explorer and click on My Computer. A list of drives will be displayed.
2.Double click the Globodox Drive icon. If you have already logged in to Globodox once or Globodox is running, the drive will open without a login confirmation or else you will be prompted to enter the Globodox credentials.
3.Double click on the DB to which you want to add documents. The DB will open listing Documents, Tags, folder and Stacks.
4.Double click on Documents.
5.Using Windows Explorer select the files you want to add and, drag & drop them in the Documents pane. The documents will now be added to Globodox.



Adding files directly to the drive will always leave the file in the original location even though you have specified the option to 'Delete files from original location' after adding.



You will be set as the Owner of the documents, that you have added.
You can add documents to the Folders and Tags. You can also add documents to a stack from the drive after a particular stack is open.


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