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You can add documents to Globodox by clicking the Add from Disk button of the Home tab.


To Add Documents from Disk

1.In Globodox, select the All Documents node to add the documents.
2.Click the Add from disk button of the Home tab. The Add Files window will now be launched.
3.Select one or more files that you want to add and click the Open button on the Add Files window. The documents will now be added to Globodox.



Once the documents are added, you may get a confirmation message box asking you whether you want to delete the added files from the original location (on the disk). If you want to delete the added documents then click the Yes button; if not, then click No.



If the Draft Documents feature is enabled, the List View will have two tabs at the bottom. One labeled Published Documents and the other labeled Draft Documents. If the Published Documents tab is selected when adding the files they will get added as published documents. If the Draft Documents tab is selected when you add the files they will get added as draft documents.
You will be the Owner of the documents, that you have added.
You can add your entire folder structure along with the documents on your disk that you use to organize your documents. For more information, see Add your existing folder structure along with files from disk.

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