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You can add a document to a Document Type by dragging a document and adding it to that Document Type.

To Add a Document to a Document Type

1.In Globodox, select Workspace > Document Types in the Navigation pane.
2.Select a Document Type from the Document Types node to add a document to it.
3.Click the New button of the Home tab to add a document. The New Document window will now be launched.
4.Click the Scan button to scan and add a document or click the Add a File button to add document from disk.
5.The Information pane will now be displayed on the left side. Enter appropriate descriptive/indexing information of the document in the respective data fields.
6.Click the Save button on the Information bar to save the information.
You can now relate this document with a Stack, from the Information pane. For more information, see Relate a Document to a Stack.


You can also add a document to its Document Type from the Find and Add Files window.
To view documents based on their types, in Globodox main window expand the Document Types node in the Navigation pane and select a document type (e.g. Invoice). All the document that have their Document Type set to Invoice will now be displayed in the List View pane.
You can also drag and drop text from a RTF file to a Document Type for more info see, Drag and Drop Documents to a Document Type.

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