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You can add documents to a Globodox Folder by dragging and dropping them.


To Add Documents to a Folder

1.In Globodox, select the Folder in the Navigation pane, to add the document(s).
2.Click the Add From Disk button of the Home tab. The Add Files window will now be launched.
3.Select one or more files that you want to add and click the Open button. The selected files will now be added to the Folder.
Once the documents are added, you may get a confirmation message box asking you whether you want to delete the added files from the original location (on the disk). If you want to delete the added documents then click the Yes button if not then click No.



Once you have added the documents to a folder, you can then set the Document Type of these documents. To set a Document Type see, Set a Document Type of a Document
A document can at anytime be part of only one folder.
You can add documents from your disk to a Globodox folder by dragging & dropping.
Dragging & dropping email messages from Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express and Thunderbird 9.x is supported.

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