Adding a DB to the DB List

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You can add an existing DB to the DB List from the DB List node.

To Add an Existing DB to the DB List

1.Select Settings > System Settings > DB List in the Navigation pane. The DB List tab will now be displayed on  the Ribbon bar.
2.Click the New button of the Home tab. The New DB Details dialog will be launched.
3.Select the type of DB that you want to add from the DB Type drop down. Depending on the type of DB selected the Settings window will pop up. Enter the information to connect to the DB.
4.Enter the name of the DB that you want to add in the Select or enter the Data DB box.
5.You can enter a display name for the DB in the DB display name box.
6.You can also enter a short description about the DB in the Description box.
7.Click the Save button to save the changes.



You can add MS SQL and My SQL Server based DB to DB List.
Make sure that MyODBC drivers version 5.1.4 or higher is installed on all the machines from which you are going to access the MySQL DB.

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