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What is Annotation
Learn about Annotation

Underline Words or Sentences on a Document

Underline important words or sentences

Highlight Words on a Document
Draw attention by hilighting words or sentences.

Mark Area Using Rectangles and Circles

Encircle important words or sentences

Hide Confidential Content of a Document
Hide words and sentences.

Add Sticky Notes on a Documents

Add Comments or Notes on the document

Insert a Bookmark on a Document
Use Bookmark to mark a place on the document.


Place a Stamp on a Document
Insert stamps on your documents.

Annotate the Document Permanently
Burn Annotation on Documents

Print Document along with the Annotations
Print Annotations

Share Annotations with Other Users
Share annotations owned by you with other users.

Assign Annotation to Another User
Assign annotations owned by you with other users.

Restrict Users from Viewing Your Annotations
Restrict users from viewing your annotations

Place a Signature on a Document
Insert your signature on the documents.




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