Applying Zone Map

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You can apply a zone map to scanned documents from the scan window.

To apply a Zone Map

1.In Globodox, select the Home tab and click the Scan button. This will bring up the Scan Window.
2.You can select a Scan Profile from the Select a scan profile drop-down.
3.Select a scanner from the Select a Scanner drop down.
4.Click the Start Scan button to scan the document. The scanned document will now be displayed in the Preview pane of the Scan window.
5.From the Zone Map drop-down, select an appropriate zone map. For e.g. if the scanned document is an invoice, then select the zone map that was created for it.
6.Now, click the Add & Close button. The scanned document will now be added to Globodox and the extracted text will be automatically stored in the mapped fields.


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