Assign Role to a User

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You can assign Roles to a user by using the Roles tab of the Users window.

To Assign a Role to a User

1.In Globodox, select Settings > System Settings > Users in the Navigation pane.
2.Select a user from the right pane i.e. the Users list and click the Open button on the Ribbon bar. You can also double click the selected user to open it.
3.Click the Roles tab and click the Assign Roles button. This will bring up the Look Up window.
4.Select the Roles option from the Look for drop-down and enter the the name of the role in the Look for box.
5.Now, click the Find button to find the role. The roles that contains the name that you have entered in the Look for box will be displayed in the Available Data list.
6.Select the role in the Available Data list. Use this button to add the selected role to the Selected Data list and use this button to remove the role from the Selected Data list.
7.Click the OK button to assign the role.
8.Click the Save button to save the changes.



A user can be assigned more than one role.
To unassign roles, select the roles and click the Unassign Roles button.


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