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You can use Zone Maps to extract text from specific areas of a scanned document and then automatically store the recognized values in their corresponding fields.

For example:
Let's say you scan forms that contains info like Customer name, Address, Telephone Number, Email Address etc, that are found at the same location on the form. Using Zone Map you can mark these areas on the document and then link them to their respective Stack Type as well as their respective fields.


In the below instructions we will configure Globodox to automatically index Customer contact forms.

To Automatically Index a Stack

1.In Globodox, click the Tools tab.
2.Click the Template Manager button. The Template Manager window be launched.
3.Click the Zone Maps option in the left pane. The Zone Maps pane will be displayed.
4.Click the New button on the Template Manager window to create a new Zone Map. The New Zone Map window will be launched.
5.Enter a name for the Zone Map in the Name box. You can enter Contacts.
6.Enter a short description about the Zone Map in the Description box. You can enter Use this zone map to automatically Index contact forms.
7.From the Entity drop-down, select the the Stack Type option.
8.From the Target drop-down, select the Contact Stack Type.
9.Now, click the OK button to create the Zone Map. The Zone Editor window will now be launched.
10.Click the Scan button on the Zone Editor window. Now, scan a Customer contact form.
11.Click the Add & Close button. The scanned document will now be displayed in the Preview pane of the Zone Editor window. This document will be used as template.
12.Click the Draw Zone button to create a zone. In the preview pane, drag the mouse to select the area which displays the Customers name. The Zone Properties pane will now be enabled.
13.In the Zone Properties pane, by default a name will be generated for the zone in the Name box. If you wish you can rename it.
14.Enter a short description about the zone in the Description box.
15.From the Type drop-down, select the OCR option.
16.From the Target drop-down select the Name field to map it with the selected zone. The text (Customer Name) in this zone will be extracted and stored in the selected field.
17.Now, create zones in a similar manner and map them with their corresponding fields.
18.Click the Save button to save the zone map. The zone map will now be created. You can close the window.
19.Now, we will scan some contact forms.
20.Select the Home tab and click the Scan button. This will bring up the Scan Window.
21.You can select a Scan Profile from the Select a scan profile drop-down.
22.Select a scanner from the Select a Scanner drop down.
23.Click the Start Scan button to scan the document. The scanned document will now be displayed in the Preview pane of the Scan window.
24.From the Zone Map drop-down, select the Contacts zone map.
25.Now, click the Add & Close button. A new stack will be created and automatically indexed in the Contacts stack type and the scanned document will be related to it.


If your contact forms has barcodes, you can extract information from them and store it in a data field. To do this, mark the barcode as a zone select the Barcode option from the Type drop-down. Click the Options button to select the type of the zoned barcode. From the Target drop-down, select a field to map it with the zoned barcode.
To delete a zone, select that zone in the preview pane and hit the Delete button on the keyboard.
To modify an existing Zone Map, select a Zone Map from the list and click the Edit button on the Template Manager window.
To delete a Zone Map, select a Zone Map from the list and click the Delete button on the Template Manager window.

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