Back-up MS SQL Server 2000 DB

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You will need to use the SQL Server Enterprise Manager to backup your MS SQL Server 2000 based Globodox DB.

For a complete backup you will need to take a backup of...
The Master DB i.e. the MainDB and its Cache file i.e the MainDB_cache
And all your Globodox DBs along with their cache files

For each Globodox DB, you must also backup it's linked folder which contains the File Store, by zipping it.

In the below example we are backing up the MainDB.
On SQL Server machine we will back-up the...
MainDB and the MainDB_cache


In the folder where Globodox Databases are located (this is usually the C:\Globodox Databases folder), we will back-up the MainDB sub-folder.

To Backup a MS SQL Server 2000 based Globodox DB

1.Make sure Globodox is not running. Click Start > All Programs > MS SQL Server 2000 > SQL Server Management Studio. The SQL Server Management Studio will now be launched.
2.Enter your login details and connect to the server.
3.Select the Databases folder in the left pane, all the databases will now be displayed in the right pane.
4.Select MainDB from the list. Right-click this database and select All Tasks > Backup Database... option.
5.The SQL Server Backup window will be launched. Enter a name for the backup in the Name box.
6.Select the Database complete option to perform a complete database backup.
7.Select the Append to media option to append the current backup to existing file or device.
8.Click the Add button to specify a destination for the backup.
9.Click the Options tab. The options will now be displayed.
10.Check the Verify backup upon completion option to verify the backup upon completion.
11.Click the OK button to begin the Backup. Once the backup is complete you will get a confirmation message, click OK.
12.Now, select MainDB_cache from the list and follow step 4-11 to backup this DB.
13.Once you have backed-up MainDB and MainDB_cache, close the SQL Server Management Studio.
14.Now, open the folder where Globodox Databases are located. This is usually the C:\Globodox Databases folder. (You can also backup the entire Globodox Databases folder by zipping it)
15.Locate the MainDB folder in the Globodox Databases folder. Now, zip this folder.
16.Open the the ITAZ\Globodox folder created under the folder designated as the Common Application Data folder in your Windows installation.
For Windows Vista/Windows 2008/Windows 7, this will be the C:\ProgramData\ITAZ\Globodox folder.
For Windows 2000/XP/2003 this will be C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ITAZ\Globodox
17.Locate the multi-user.gdx file and zip it.
18.Now, copy these two files to a device (Pen Drive) or burn them on a CD. Follow the same steps to back-up other DB's
For more info on backup see, Backup MS SQL Server 2000



To restore a backed-up copy of MS SQL Server 2000 based Globodox DB see, Restore a Backed-up MS SQL Server 2000 DB

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