Break Relation Between Stack and Document

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You can break the relation between a document and a Stack from the Information pane of the Stack Details window.


To Break the Relation between Stack and Document

1.In Globodox, select Workspace > Stack Types in the Navigation pane.
2.Now, select a Stack Type from the Stack Type node. The Stacks of the selected Stack Type will now be displayed in the right pane.
3.By default the Information pane will be displayed on the left side of the Stack Details pane. The documents that are already related to this Stack will be displayed in the Document List pane.
4.In the Document List section, click the Delete button to remove the document from the list.


You can click the Stack displayed in the Related Stack box to open it in the Stack Details window.
You can also link a document to one or more Stacks. For more information, see Link Stack with Documents.

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