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Capture Folders provide a quick and easy way to add documents to Globodox while also categorizing/indexing them.

Capture Folders are folders which Globodox monitors for new files. Each capture folder is linked to a Destination Profile in Globodox. Whenever Globodox finds a new file in a capture folder it is monitoring, it adds that file to the Globodox DB specified in the Destination Profile along with any indexing information specified in the Destination Profile.

Capture Folders power a lot of the newer features in Globodox and they will also be used by features planned for the future. The current features which use Capture Folders include Globodox Printer, Globodox Send To and Globodox Drive.


Capture Folders are two types...

Local Capture Folders
Global Capture Folders


Local Capture Folders are provided largely for backward compatibility (they were part of the Folder Monitor feature) and for handling some special cases.

We recommend that unless you have a specific usage scenario which requires the use of Local Capture Folders you must always use Global Capture Folders. Local Capture Folders will not support some of the new features planned for future versions of Globodox.


Here are some basic differences between Global and Local Capture Folders…


Global Capture Folders

Local Capture Folders

Need to be defined only at the server

Must be defined separately on each client machine

Monitored only at the server

Capture folders defined on a specific client machine are monitored on that client machine only

Available for use on any client machine. Each client machine can decide which Global Capture Folders should appear on them.

Available for use only on the client machine on which they are defined.

Depending on the load on the server it can take some time for documents to show up inside Globodox. This is because any documents you add to a Global Capture Folder on a client machine are first stored in a temp folder. The document is then uploaded from this temp folder to the appropriate Global capture folder on the server. From there it is picked up and added to Globodox.

Documents are added almost immediately to Globodox.

Can be used with an internet hosted installation of Globodox Web Client

Cannot be used with a internet installation of Globodox Web Client


Default Capture Folder

On each client machine, you can mark a specific capture folder as the default capture folder. This can be either a Global or Local capture folder. Globodox ships with one Global Capture Folder called MainDB which is set as the default capture folder.  Any document you add to this Capture Folder gets added to the Globodox MainDB.


If no Default Capture Folder has been set, then when needed Globodox will display a list of all Global and Local Capture Folders from which you can choose the capture folder to which you can add documents.


Configuring Global Capture Folders on client machines

Though many Global Capture Folders may be defined on the server, each client machine may only be interested in using some of these. To configure which Global Capture Folders must appear on which machine...

Start Globodox Desktop on the client machine

Click on Tools > Capture Folders > Manage Global Capture Folders...

Simple check the Global Capture Folders you wish to see

Click on Close to save the changes and close the window


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