Check-in a Checked Out Document

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You can check-in a checked-out document by right clicking it and selecting the Check-in option.

To Check-in a previously Checked-out Document

1.Select the checked out document that you want to check-in, from the List View pane.
2.Click the Check-in option of the Home tab to check-in the document. You can also right click the document and select the Check-in option. The document will now be checked-in to the Globodox DB from your default checkout folder.
If you had checked out the document to some other folder (and not your default checkout folder) then...
Click the Check-in drop down arrow and select the Check-in from... option. This will bring up the Browse Folder window. Navigate to the folder and select the document to Check it in.


If document encryption is enabled then a encrypted copy of the document being checked in, will be created.
If document versioning is enabled then the version number of the document is incremented by one. The existing version of the document is stored as a old version.
The encrypted copy of the document with the incremented version number is checked in.
If the document is being checked in from the Checkout folder then the document is automatically deleted from the Checkout folder, after it has been checked in.

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