Check-in a Document as a Draft Document

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You can only check in a document as a draft document if it is in the checked out state

To Check in as a Draft Document:

1.For this, check out the document as normal (let us assume the documents current version is 1.0)
2.Make changes to the document
3.Select the checked out document
4.From the Check In drop-down on the Ribbon Bar, select the Check in Document As Draft option
5.The modified document will be checked in as a draft version of the currently selected document
6.The version of this draft will be 1.1.


Also, the status of the document will change from Checked Out to Under Review. No changes can be made to the document till it is under review.  To change the Under Review status of a document, you can either Cancel Checkout of the document or Publish the documents draft.

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