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You can only checkout a document if it is in the checked in state (i.e. if it has not already been checked out by another user).

To Checkout a Document

1.Select the document that you want to Checkout from the List View pane.
2.Click the Checkout option of the Home tab to checkout the document. You can also right click the document and select the Checkout option
If you are checking out the document for the first time then Globodox will ask you to specify a folder to checkout the document. The folder that you select will be your default checkout folder.


When a document is checked out it is placed in the Checkout folder. The security of the document copy in the Checkout folder is the responsibility of the user who checked out the document. The copy of the document in the Globodox DB is still protected by Globodox. Therefore care must be taken when selecting a Checkout folder. Ideally a local folder on the user's machine should be set as the user's Checkout folder. However if the user is likely to logon to Globodox from different machines then a network accessible folder can be chosen as the user's Checkout folder. Windows security can be used to prevent unauthorized access to documents in the Checkout folder.
You can also change your checkout folder, to do this click the Checkout drop down arrow and select the Checkout to... option of Home tab. This will launch the Set Checkout Folder window. Now, specify the location of the new checkout folder.


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