Clone a Globodox Folder Structure

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You can now create the same folder structure that you frequently use in Globodox by right clicking that folder structure and selecting the Clone... option.
For example:
Let say you create same set of folders for each customer. It will be tedious to create these folders if you have a hundred's of customers. By using the Clone feature you will have to create the folder structure just once and then clone/copy this structure whenever you want.

To Clone a Globodox Folder Structure

1.In Globodox, select Workspace > Folders in the Navigation pane.
2.Now, select the folder that you want to clone/copy.
3.Right click that folder and select the Clone... option. A dialog will pop-up
4.Enter a name for the cloned/copied folder in the dialog and click the OK key.

When you create a Globodox folder no folder is being created on your system. Globodox folders are just used to categorize your documents and not store them. All your documents are stored in the DB's File Store.


You will be the Owner of the folders, that you have created.
You can also create sub folders for the parent folder.
You can move one folder to another folder by drag and drop.

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