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You must create a user for every person that needs to log on to Globodox. You can create a user by clicking the New drop-down and selecting the User option.


To Create a User Account

1.In Globodox, select Settings > System Settings > Users in the Navigation pane. The default Users will be displayed in the right pane i.e. Users list.
2.Now, click the New button on the Ribbon bar to create a new user. The New User window will now be launched.
3.Enter the name the user must enter to logon to the system in the User Name box.
4.Click the Set Password... button to set the users password.
5.Check the User must change password at next logon option if you want to force the user to change his/her password, the next time the user logs on to the system. Use this option if you want users to choose their own passwords.
6.Check the Password never expires option if you do not want the user's password to expire.
If this option is not checked the user's password will expire after the number of days specified in the Maximum password age password policy. Beginning from seven days before the expiry of the password, the user will be prompted to change his/her password every time the user logs on. The user must change his/her password before it expires. After the password expires the user will not be allowed to log on before first changing his/her password.
If you also check the User cannot change password option then the user will not be prompted to change the password before it expires. In this case, beginning from seven days before the expiry of the password, every time the user logs on he/she will simply be informed that his/her password is about to expire. After the password expires the user will not be allowed to log in. To obtain a new password the user must contact the administrator.
7.Check the Account is disabled option if you want to disable the user's account. If a user's account is disabled then the user is not allowed to log in.
A user's account is automatically disabled when the user makes more consecutive failed logon attempts than the value specified in the Maximum Logon attempts password policy.
8.Check the View-only Access option to force the user to always login using a view-only access license. This option controls the type of license that Globodox uses by default when this user logs in. This option is only relevant when you own a mix of full access and view-only licenses.
Logging in using a view-only access license does not mean that the user has view-only access to all resources. Permissions in place at all security levels (i.e. System, Globodox DB, Document and Fields) still apply. However actions which require a change to a Globodox DB will not be allowed when a user has logged in with view-only access even when the user has the permissions to make those changes.
9.Enter the users general information in the General Information section and click the Save button. The Groups tab and the Roles tab will now be enabled.
5.Click the Groups tab to assign a group to the user. By default the user is assigned to the Users group.
6.Click the Roles tab to assign a role to the user. By default the Write (Owned & Shared Items) role is assigned to a newly created user. This means that the user will only be able to view and modify the documents that he owns.
7.Click the Save and Close button to create the user and close the User window. The user will now be displayed in the Users List.



You can click the Save and New button to save a users account and to open a new user window to create a new user account.
You can make a user a member of a group, for more info see, Make User a member of a Group
Please note that you cannot delete a user, however you can disable that user account.

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