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You can create a new Document Type and add Data Fields to it from the Settings pane.


To Create a Document Type

1.In Globodox, select Settings > DB Settings > Document Types in the Navigation pane. The already existing Document Types will now be displayed in the right pane.
2.Click the New button of the Home tab. The Data Field Manager will now be launched.
3.By default the Information pane of the Data Field Manager will be displayed. You can enter information like the Document Type name in this pane. You can also modify information of an existing Document Type from this pane.
The Information panel contains the following options


Enter or modify the name of the Document Type in this box.

Plural Name:

Enter or modify the plural name of the Document Type in this box.
For example:
If the name of the Document Type is 'Invoice' its Plural Name will be 'Invoices'.


Enter an alias name for the Document Type in this box. By default the system creates an alias name. You can change the default alias name with the name of your choice.
For example:
If your Document Type is named 'Invoice' its Alias could be 'Inv'.


Enter a short description about this Document Type in this box.

4.Click the Fields tab to add data fields for the Document Type. The Fields panel will now be displayed.
5.Click the Click here to add a new field in the Field List pane to add a new field or right-click in the Field List pane and select the Add field option. A field will now be created.
6.Select the Field Name cell to enter a name for the field.
The field name cannot be more than 25 characters long. You can use any combination of alphabets and numbers for the field name. Field names can also contain spaces, though a field name cannot begin or end with a space. The following characters are not allowed in a field name...

` - Accent Grave
! - Exclamation Mark
[ - Open Box Bracket
] - Close Box Bracket
| - Pipe
# - Hash

7.Select a Data Type for the data field from the Field Type drop-down. By default Text data type is selected.
The data field can be of the following types
8.Depending on the Data Type you have selected, its field properties will be displayed in the Field Properties pane. Enter the field properties as per your requirements.
9.Enter a short description about the data field in the Description cell.
10.Click the Save button to save the changes and create the Data Field.
Also see Example.


You can create as many Document Types you want. Each Document Type can have up to 200 data fields.
Please note that you cannot create data fields with the following names...
ID, File Icon, Document Title, File Name, Type, Version, Version Comment, Status, Position, Owner, Added On, Created By, Last Modified On, Last Modified by, Checked out by, Checked Out Date, In Workflow, Document Text, Tags.
The recommended data field will be displayed in blue colored text and the required data field will be displayed in red colored text.
By default the Document Name is the Primary field of the Document Type.
To delete a data field, right-click that data filed in the Field List pane and select the Delete option.
You can change the order of data fields by using the navigation options available on the right click menu. To move a data field one position upwards in the list, right-click it and select the Move Up option. To move a data field one position down in the list , right-click it and select the Move Down option.

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