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You can create an encryption settings from the Settings pane.


To Create Encryption Settings

1.In Globodox, select Settings > DB Settings > Encryption Settings in the Navigation pane.
2.Click the New button of the Home tab to create a new encryption setting. This will launch the Encryption Settings window.
3.In the Name box enter a name for the encryption settings.
4.From the Encryption Type drop-down list, choose the encryption algorithm you would like to use.
5.From the Key Strength drop-down list, choose the key strength you would like to use.
6.Check the Set as default option to make this setting the default encryption setting.
7.If you would like to use the Globodox default encryption key phrase, then check the Use default encryption key phrase option.
8.If you would like to provide your own key phrase then uncheck the Use default encryption key phrase option and enter your key phrase in the Enter a key phrase for encrypting documents box.
9.Click the OK button to save the encryption settings and close the Encryption Settings window.



The encryption settings Globodox uses by default are AES 128 bit encryption with the default Globodox key phrase. These settings are referred to as Globodox Standard Encryption settings

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