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You do not need MS Access installed on your machine to work with Globodox and to create or open a MS Access based Globodox DB. Globodox installs all the files required to do this.

To Create a MS Access based Globodox DB

1.In Globodox, click the Globodox button.
2.Click the New DB button. The New DB window will now be displayed.
3.Select MS Access based Globodox DB option from the DB Type drop down.
4.Enter a name for the DB in the DB Name box.
5.Enter a short description about the DB in the Description box.
6.The default location of the DB's File Store (folder) will be displayed in the File Store Location box. You can change the File Store location by clicking the Browse button besides the File Store Location box. Any documents you add to this Globodox DB will be stored in the File Store.
7.Click the Create button to create the MS Access based Globodox DB.



To open a newly created DB, click the Globodox button and select the DB from the DB list.
By default all Globodox Databases and its File Stores are stored in the C:\Globodox Databases folder. File Store is a normal Windows folder which is located inside a folder with the same name as the name of its related DB.


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