Create a Workflow to Change a Text Field Value

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The Workflow is created based on the following scenario...

The Supervisor regularly receives documents for review. Once a document has been reviewed by the Supervisor, the Supervisor then wants to change the value of the Status data field to Reviewed in the Globodox DB.


1.To create a good workflow it is important to document the business process before designing the workflow in the workflow designer.
2.All instructions in the Create Workflows...  and Examples sections of this help file assume that you have five users called Supervisor, Manager, John, Mary and Jack. It is highly recommended that you create these Globodox users. This will make it easier for you follow the instructions below.

To Create a Workflow to Change a Text Field Value

1.In Globodox, select the Tools tab and click the Workflow Designer button. This will bring up the Workflow Designer window.
2.Click the New button to create a new workflow. The Designer pane and the Properties pane will now be activated.
3.In the Properties pane enter a name for the workflow in Name box. We will enter ChangeTextFieldValue.
4.Enter the number of days in which this workflow should be completed in the Duration (in days) box. If the workflow is not completed in the given time it will be marked as Red in the Workflow monitor.
5.Enter additional information about the workflow in the Description box. We will enter This workflow is used to change the text field value.
6.Drag the Change Numeric Field Value task from the Task pane and drop it on the <<Add Tasks here>> in the Designer pane.
7.The Change Numeric Field Value properties will now be displayed in the Task Properties pane.
a)Enter a name for the Task in the Name box. We, will enter ChangeStatusValue.
b)Specify the field name whose data you want to change, in the Field name box.
This should be in exactly the format below…
i.e. self.[FieldName]
Where Field Name is the name of the field whose data you want to change.
The word self specifies that the field belongs to a document type.
If this field belonged to a Stack, then replace self with parent.
c)Enter the new value for the data field in the Field value box. We will enter Reviewed.
d)Enter the time in which this activity should be completed in the Duration (in hours) box.
8.Click the Save button to save the workflow.
9.Click the Publish button to publish the workflow to all the users. This workflow will now be available for the Globodox user from the Route option.



You can also create workflows using conditions and loops. For more info see, Conditions and Loops

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