Create a MS SQL-based DB

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MS SQL Server must be installed on your machine or another machine on your network for you to be able to create a MS SQL Server based Globodox DBs.

Globodox Supports MS SQL 2000, 2005, 2005 Express and 2008 Server.


To Create a MS SQL based Globodox DB

1.In Globodox, click the Globodox button.
2.Click the New DB button. The New DB window will now be displayed.
3.Select MS SQL based Globodox DB option from the DB Type drop down. The MS SQL Settings window will now be launched.
4.Enter or select the name of the machine on which MS SQL Server is running from the Choose or type in a machine name box. The new Globodox DB would be created on this machine. The drop-down list will display the names of all the machines on your network. It is recommended to type the machine's IP address.
5.For MS SQL Server 2000 or higher enter the name of the SQL Server Instance in the Instance name box on which the new Globodox DB should be created. When only one instance of SQL Server is running on a machine, the instance name is normally the same as the machine name. Leave the instance name blank unless you wish to connect to a named MS SQL server.
Note: For MS SQL 2005 Express edition enter SQLEXPRESS in the Instance name box.
6.Select the type of connection Globodox should use to connect to SQL Server from the Connection Type drop-down. The Default connection type is selected by default. Other available connection types are...
Names Pipes
Multi Protocol/Windows RPC

Note: For MS SQL 2005 Express edition select TCP/IP from the Connection Type drop-down.

7.In case you have chosen the TCP/IP connection type then specify the port number in the Port box. The default port used by MS SQL Server (port 1433) will be displayed in this box. If the MS SQL Server you have chosen uses a different port number then you must enter that port number in this box.
8.Choose the Windows Authentication option if the SQL Server you have chosen has been configured to use Windows authentication. Your Windows login information will be used to logon to the SQL Server.
9.Choose the MS SQL Server Authentication option if the SQL Server you have chosen has been configured to use SQL Server Authentication. You will also need to specify the user name and password which Globodox should use while connecting.
10.Check the Remember Password option you want Globodox to remember the user name and password and automatically apply it when the Globodox DB is opened. If this option is left unchecked then the user will be prompted for the user name and password before opening the Globodox DB.
11.Click the Test button to test the connection.
12.Click the OK button to save the settings and close the MS SQL Settings window.
13.Enter a name for the DB in the DB Name box.
14.Enter a short description about the DB in the Description box.
15.The default location of the DB's File Store (folder) will be displayed in the File Store Location box. You can change the File Store location by clicking the Browse button besides the File Store Location box. Any documents you add to this Globodox DB will be stored in the File Store.
16.Click the Create button to create the MS SQL based Globodox DB.



To open a newly created DB, click the Globodox button and select the DB from the DB list.
By default the Databases File Stores are stored in the C:\Globodox Databases folder. File Store is a normal Windows folder which is located inside a folder with the same name as the name of its related DB.


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