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Document Details Window
Learn about Document Details window

Open a Document
Open a document to view or edit.

Create a New Document
Create a document and add it to Globodox DB

View Documents as Thumbnails
View document as List  or Thumbnails.

Edit a Document
Edit a Document

Fax a Document
Fax a Document from Globodox

Email a Document
Mail a document from Globodox DB

Print a Document
Print a document from Globodox DB

Delete a Document
Delete a Document from the Globodox DB

Enter Comments for a Document
Enter Comments or Notes for Documents

Relate Document to a Stack
Relate a Document to a Stack

Break Relation between a Document and Stack
Break Relation between Document and Stack

Link Document with Stacks
Linking a Document with one or more Stacks

Link One Document with Another Document
Linking a Document with one or more documents

Break Links of the Document
Break Link between linked Documents

Burn Documents on a CD
Burn documents from the DB to a CD/DVD

Export Documents
Export documents from Globodox to a windows folder

Drag and Drop Documents from Globodox to a Folder
Drag and drop documents from Globodox to a folder

Print the Indexed Information of a Document
Print the indexed information of a document

Assign Document to Another User
Assign documents owned by you to another user

Share Documents with Other Users
Share documents owned by you with other users


Enable/Disable the Automatic Preview
Enable/disable the automatic preview of a specific file type


Prevent Users from Changing File Type Viewer Settings
Learn how to prevent users from changing file type viewer settings

Restrict Users from Viewing Documents
Restrict  users who have privileges to view your documents


Change the Default Viewer
Change the default viewer for a file type


Update Common Information for Multiple Documents

Learn how to update common information for multiple documents together




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