Event Log Basics

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This feature allows you to log details about user actions. For example you can configure this feature so that whenever a document is deleted, details about the action are logged. Details logged include the name of the user performing the action along with the date and time of the action. Almost any action a user can perform in Globodox can be logged. You can choose the actions you wish to log.

Events have been divided into two types...

System Events
Systems Events are events which are not database specific. For example User log on, User log off, User addition etc..

Globodox DB events
All events which are specific to the currently opened Globodox DB are known as Globodox DB events. (Add document, delete document etc...)

You can separately select and enable/disable specific System events and Globodox DB events. For example, you can easily have a scenario where only two System events (Log On and Log Off) are audited and only two events of a single Globodox DB (Delete Stack, Delete Document) are audited. Similarly you can choose to not audit any event in a particular Globodox DB by not enabling the feature for that Globodox DB.

Viewing the Event Log
To view the list of System Events which have been logged, click Settings > System Settings > Event Log.
To view the list of DB Events which have been logged, click Settings > DB Settings > Event Log.

You can easily sort and filter events using the Event Log Viewer pane.

To view events for a particular document click the Event Log tab on the Document Details pane. Similarly to view events for a particular Stack click the Event Log tab on the Stack Details pane.


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